Deep Dish Politics, Chicago Style

Deep Dish Politics, Chicago Style


R.E. Prindle


Hiz Honor, The Mayor

One is startled by the lack of diversity in that citadel of diversity of Pres. Obama, Chicago, in the upcoming mayoral election.  As one should be aware Emanuel Rahm the only condidate not of color quit his job as El Presidente’s chief of staff to run for the job of mayor of Chicago.

The question then was how to ensure Rahm’s election.  Of course whatever influence Obama’s popularity among Black voters may be would be to Rahm’s advantage but you do still have the troublesome White vote, which to be honest is less than fifty per cent of the electorate to consider.

Now, while Rahm being a Jew does not ordinarily consider himself White, in this instance for whatever reason no White candidates have come forth to divide the White vote.  Due to the paucity of White candidates Rahm is willing to bill himself as the only ‘White’ candidate.

There’s a vague feeling of racism there.  Is one of the apostles of absolute diversity really attempting to lock up the White and Jewish votes who would otherwise have to vote Black?  Suspicious looking isn’t it?

Now Jews bill themselves as 2% of the American population.  The latest census, using ‘new’ techniques have located another million Jews so that rather than being on the path to the vanishing point Jews have a rather startling growth rate.  Thus whatever their relationship to the diverse population Jews are a minimum of 5% of the White population.  In Chicago I would give them 10-20% of the White population.

Of course, there is a certain amount of hypocrisy in Rahm and his Jews claiming to be advocates of diversity.  I mean, what was the census count of Jews living in Harlem compared to Jews living in the White enclave of Scarsdale?  I’m not looking at any figures but I’m guessing 0% in Black Harlem and 20-25% in White Scarsdale.   That’s just a guess.  In Chicago ask yourself how many Jews live in the Black Belt.

Why the disparity between rhetoric and action?  Don’t actions speak louder than words?  Jews have already proclaimed Palestinians and fellow Semites to be animals and refuse to tolerate them in their cities while subjecting them to genocidal practices.  I mean they aren’t allowed on ‘Jews only’ streets.  So, what must Jews  think of Blacks?  Obviously they don’t want to get anywhere near them if one follows the census.  Just your votes, thank you.  And you may leave now.

Whiteness may be a blight on the earth as Rabbi Noel Ignatiev complains and must be eliminated by any means necessary but almost anything is better than mixing with Blacks.  But, don’t forget to vote for Emmanuel Rahm.


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