Aliens, Dreams And Americans

Aliens, Dreams And Americans


R.E. Prindle


Smile, Alvaro, You're On Candid Camera

One Mr. Alvaro Huerta threatens Americans in his article InTime Opponents Will Pay for Rejecting DREAM Act.  He doesn’t specify the price leaving the imagination to roam over the dire possibilities.  One imagines machete wielding campesinos.

Apparently while making himself at home in other people’s property, they, or we, fail to make him feel more at home by inviting him to dine at our tables.  He objects to being called an alien.  A rather mild epithet someone of his ilk should be grateful for.  No person is as alien he says without noting that quite a few are freeloaders.  The former clause is a noble belief although as a Mexican he holds Americans to a much higher standard than he does he and his people’s practices at home in Mexico.

One wonders where he comes by such wonderful ideals if they are alien to the mindset of his homeland.  Perhaps he is a profound philosopher or perhaps he merely looks around him and learns from what must appear to be an alien environment to this native of a land where they do things differently and don’t appear to wish to emulate the ‘colossus’ del Norte.

Mr. Huerta speaks of contributions his people are making for the advancement of the United States.  What contributions might they be?  Offering to work for less thus putting Americans out of work while paying no or lower taxes?  I’m not complaining about the quality of the labor; I actually prefer Mexican laborers to native American laborers; they do better work and they don’t insult you as they work or, at least, not so you can understand them.

But, that’s not the point.  The point is Americans have incurred debts at American standards of living; even if they accept lower wages, which will be a very, very cold day, for their labor the deflationary effect would leave them working for less than nothing.  Besides which Mexicans are more industrious and Americans can’t actually compete.

But, we don’t care.  Who is this alien, Alvaro Huerta, who threatens us with dire consequences because we resent giving his people something for nothing, especially when the government won’t give the same for nothing to us.  Mexicans merely work which is a rather paltry contribution that nobody asked them to make.

Mr. Huerta fails to mention that while claiming the freebees his own government won’t or can’t make, Mexican aliens in this country refuse to conform to the ideals and methods that made those freebees possible.  They even want to displace English and impose Mexican on us.  Mr. Huerta and his insist on changing American society to conform with what he in effect admits are the failed policies of his own country.  To put it bluntly, if he and his weren’t better off here than in Mexico they would all be in Mexico.

So, don’t go around threatening our people who are hopefully doing their best to protect their own, take what you have learned from this alien culture and go back to Mexico and begin to build it into a model for the world to emulate.  Learn to give and not just take.

It’s not that we don’t like aliens, we can’t afford them.


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