How China Acquired The Economies Of The West

How China Acquired The Economies Of The West


R.E. Prindle

Prof. Ian Morris

The Daily Beast must be putting us on.  How this site can daily turn out startling nonsense withoug shame is startling.  The Beast is the tabloid on the internet.  Not only that they can enlist supposedly educated intelligent established scholars to spout it for them.

The latest is an article by the Stanford Classical scholar with a side in world history who attributes world history solely to his murky understanding of geography.  This guy has to be joking.

Human capacities had nothing to do with the development of world history.  It was geography.  Although Egypt had its Nile while having been a sea power for millennia, rivers became less important as large cities developed, hence Rome eclipsed Egypt to become an empire because it had access to the Mediterranean unlike, for instance, Greece, the Levant, Egypt, Libya and Carthage, one supposes.  They used to throw you out of college for garbage thinking like that instead of making you a professor.

Professor Morris would have us believe that the southwestern Asian deserts had a greater variety of edible plants than India or China, never mind that they imported their variety from those regions.  He would have us believe that Chinese society, lagging behind southwestern Asia until the turn of the penulutimate millenium came to life because of a sudden access to the Silk Road was discovered allowing diseases to travel freely across the interior Asian deserts.  Oh, oh, please, Professor Morris!

In 1968 in China the so-called Cultural Revolution of the extra wise Chairman Mao smashed the culture of China setting it back a thousand years.  The role of geography in this disaster was nil but according to Professor Morris subsequent rise of China was for geographical causes rather than being a gift of the US and Europe by using China as a source of slave labor to do the hard dirty work of manufacturing for them at wages they won’t accept, as yet, in Europe and the US.

In other words the West simply transferred their economies to China.  There was no geography involved.

Please, Daily Beast, Stanford University, Prof. Morris we aren’t stupid and your fast ball isn’t fast enough to whiff past us.  My god, how can you sleep at night putting out such tripe.


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