Helen Thomas- Victim Of Hypocrisy

Helen Thomas-

Victim Of Hypocrisy


R.E. Prindle

Gosh, Wayne State U is going to refuse to award the Helen Thomas Diversity medal because she’s now designated a bigot.  Who has she acted aggressively toward?  Well, no one.  In the free for all of party politics she has pointed out the obvious truth that the Jewish Party are a bunch of hypocrites.

The hypocrites of the Jewish Party, who claim to be the staunchest supporters of free speech have shrieked at Miss Thomas:  You can’t say that.  What did she say?  The Jews own Hollywood.  Who but a hypocrite or ignoramus could deny that?  So they want to take away Miss Thomas’ Diversity badge?  Oh man, it looked so good hanging from her breast, too.  How shiny is the Diversity badge of the Jews?  Not very.  They might even compete with Miss Thomas for the bigotry prize.  In their home citadel of Isreal where they can let their hair down and be themselves the Jews post signs on the road reading: Jews Only.  Others will be arrested on sight.  You’re one of the others, my friend.

Poor starving Africans seeking admittance to the land of milk and honey are rounded up and put in concentration camps under the burning, unforgiving sun of the Negev Desert because no Blacks are allowed in Israel.  Why not?  Because if Blacks were admitted that would change the complexion of Jews.  So the Israelis practice apartheid on the home turf while blasting Miss Thomas for her lack of diversity in the New Promised Land.

Ah, those nasty olde anti-Semitic canards.  How time-worn they are.  Not that Jews are that keen on Whites either.  Noel Ignatiev is lying low for the moment hidden away at some Massachusetts art college.  In his Harvard heydey, before he made his point too clear, the olde race monger was proclaiming from his bully Harvard pulpit and those of other presitigious universities of this once fair land that Whites had to be destroyed by any means necessary.  Shades of Adolf Hitler!  Apparently the Israelis have concentration camps for Whites as well as Blacks.

So what does diversity mean to Jews?  It means whatever they want it to mean and that means that anyone who has the audacity to criticize them is not Diverse enough.

Of course the idea of Diversity can be changed to equal the home version of the Jews at a moment’s notice.  But, only if the Jewish Party is the party in power.  Then Diversity is reduced to the slogan:  Us vs. Them.


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