The Psychosis Of The Left

The Psychosis Of The Left


R.E. Prindle


The self-righteous are an offensive class.  Their recent repudiation at the polls brought out this very worst of their mentality- brought their psychosis bubbling to the top.

I refer specifically to the amazing temper tantrum of one of the dimmest lights- Tim Wise.  Mr. Wise’s psychosis is quite easy to identify.  He’s a homicidal maniac not unlike others of his ilk such as Noel Ignatiev and Kamau Kambon.  All three wish to murder the entire White species albeit for different reasons.

Mr. Wise obviously had a traumatic experience as a child either at school, church or home that he feels murdered his soul, he is a walking dead man.  As he is in a battle to retrieve his sense of self-worth and purity he cannot become a serial killer, sexual pervert or whatever because that would prove his worthlessness rather than restoring his purity.  Hence he converts his anxiety into a righteous attitude toward the ills of the world professing to be superior to the benighted heathens who commit them thus attempting to regain his sense of purity.   His class is a fairly large class and all are able to identify each other.  Using these symbols of evil he has concocted a skewed history of the world and White responsibility for them.  He equates Whites with whatever injury he might have incurred.

For him nothing in history is the the result of a human nature shared by all.  Only Whites have negative attitudes.  By some sort of mental legerdemain he excuses himself from responsibility.  After all he believes himself as innocent as child which makes everyone else guilty.  Perhaps he reconciles his own Whiteness with the fantasy that he is chocolate on the inside but only vanilla on the outside.

Thus while the enslavement of one’s fellow man is a worldwide curse indulged in universally until the mid nineteenth century, a mere hundred and fifty years ago, still indulged in today by non-Whites only, and only eliminated at all through the efforts of Whites, a psychotic like Mr. Wise holds Whites solely responsible for slavery.

Nor does Mr. Wise use a reasoned argument to make his point, he raves insanely, listen:

…You’re like the bad guy in every horror movie ever made, who gets shot five times, or stabbed ten, or blown up twice, and who will eventually pass- even if it takes four sequels to make it happen- but who in the meantime keeps coming back around, grabbing at our ankles as we walk by, we having been mistakenly convinced that you were finally dead this time.

One must always ask who this ‘we’ is and who is this ‘you.’  If Mr. Wise thinks he is describing ‘me’ he is mistaken while I know exactly who ‘he’ is.  I know what his psychosis is.  I sat in church with his kind as a kid and watched them with amazement.  They would sit in the pews mentally determining who but themselves would be passed by St. Peter, for whom ‘heaven’ awaited and then even advise you that you were excluded and going to hell.   That’s who Mr. Wise is.

Mr. Wise has his fellows and they see that he gets paid to deliver his hateful tripe in university lecture halls, they see that he gets paid to lecture policemen on ‘diversity’, in other words how a crime is a crime when committed by ‘Whites’ but not a crime if committed by ‘people of color’ like himself.

Oh yes, Mr. Wise knows where the butter is and he’s spreading his bread liberally.  Who knows whether he’s earning a million a year or more spreading his hate but Mr. Wise knows how to turn his psychosis to account.


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