The Jewish Paideia Organization


Jewish Paideia


R.E. Prindle


On October 26th, 2010 a call went out by a Jewish outfit with the European name Paideia for non-Jews to attend a year long study course in Sweden.  The so-called multi-culturalists are currently waging a campaign to corrupt the Viking stronghold of Blondeness.  Wipe blondeness off the Earth.  Genocide in a word.  Not only Jews but Negroes have opened a front in Sweden.

The Jews wish to reestablish a Jewish presence in Europe while demanding promotion of ‘Jewish knowledge.’

It is therefore not only important and honourable but also vital that meaningful action be taken to restore Jewish knowledge and culture in Europe; since, at present, Israel and the United States are de facto the sole centers of Jewish knowledge .

It is difficult to follow the reasoning here.  I am perhaps unaware of the setting referred to in the US.  The Swedish government has given Jews money to underwrite Paideia, a European name for this Jewish Renaissance, a European concept, to restore ‘Jewish knowledge’ which is currently established in the US and Israel.  So the Jews equate the US and Israel  within their orbit, that is they are equally judaicized.

Unless ‘Jewish knowledge’ is code for an invasion and appropriation of the US government I know of no Jewish knowledge, whatever that may be, of which the the US is a center.  At any rate the result of this front is to put Jewish knowledge on a par or above, ‘European knowledge.’  Apparently they believe that any other ‘knowledge’ has been superceded in the US.   It is difficult to find the meaning here.

Hitler was defamed for referring to ‘Jewish science’ which would seem to be an alternative form of science which is, of course, impossible.  Science is universal and not parochial.    The same would seem to be true of knowledge, it either stands the test or is irrelevant.  Jewish knowledge is an oxymoron.  It either is or it isn’t.

Before this Jewish thing with a European name is allowed to go further it should be demanded that the cat be let out of the bag and ‘Jewish knowledge’ be put out for analysis to see if this admittedly special knowledge is valid or not.  If we’re only taking Talmud it has already been proven invalid.

I call on the Jews to put their cards on the table, face up.


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