The Protocols Of The Learned Edlers Of Zion And The Jewish Paideia Movement


The Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion


The Jewish Paideia Movement


R.E. Prindle

Probably noticed by very few, in 2001 the Jews in Europe established what appears to be a new Jewish University but one intended to subvert Europeans to Judaism.

The goals publicly stated are exactly those of the document much denied and defamed by the Jews- those of the nineteenth century expressed in the Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion.  The program was enlarged to include the new media methods of radio and movies in Fritzs Lang’s The Testament Of Dr. Mabuse.

Now appropriating European terms and history but replacing their content and infusing it with Jewish ‘knowledge’ the Jews are annexing the ancient Greek term for cultural education, Paideia, and the term medieval term Renaissance meaning New Birth.  By renaissance they apparently mean the replacement of  ‘European knowledge and culture’ with ‘Jewish knowledge and culture.’  The Protocols in a word.

The mental state of the founders of this movement is extraordinary, close to insane in its self absorption.  To quote Paideia Perspectives of 2003 ( ):

We must never forget that neither apologies nor financial compensation can allevitate the inmeasurable suffering and loss to which the survivors have been subjected.

It is our duty, in the memory of the six million Jews who were murdered, to make it possible for Jewish culture to flourish in Europe once again.

Anything less would mean that Hitler and the Nazis had succeeded with their evil plans to eradicate European Jewry and Jewish culture.

The assumptions behind the language can easily be questioned.  What exactly is a Jewish renaissance in Europe and why is it owed to Jews by Europeans to facilitate this?  As the Jews never tire of telling us one cannot hold a whole people responsible for the actions of the few.  All of Europe was not involved in the Nazi actions hence owe Jews nothing.

The underlying issue is that, as the Protocols indicate, this was a war between ‘Jewish culture and knowledge’ and ‘European culture and knowledge’ because of incompatibility.  In other words, both could not and cannot exist in the same place.  It therefore follows that in that war there would be losses.  Were they exclusively Jewish?  No.  Were the big bad Europeans merely monstrous bullies while the Jews were innocent victims?  No. Not too likely is it?  The Jews simply appear to have lost one phase of what is a 2500 year war and are now beginning a new phase of the war.  The opening shot has been fired by them.

The murderous Jewish assault on the Russians, Hungarians and others in the wake of the Bolshevik Revolution to which Hitler and the Nazis were responding are now to be ignored.  If in contradicting Adolf Hitler’s dictum:  Who now remembers the Armenians?, which one might add is against official Israeli policy backed up by Abe Foxman as leader of the American Jewish faction, who now remembers the Central and Eastern Europeans murdered by Jews in their millions?

Yes, the 2500 year old war is still in progress.  Nothing is owed to anyone.  Wars are full of casualties.  That the Jews suffered an inevetible setback in Germany from 1933-45 is natural and no cause for excessive breast beating by anyone.

It is therefore not only important and honourable but also vital that meaningful action be taken to restore Jewish knowledge…in Europe

While it may be important, honourable and vital to some people that ‘Jewish knowledge’ be restored that doesn’t make it clear why the same is true for all people.

The very term ‘Jewish knowledge’ is parochial and begs the question.  What is Jewish knowledge and why is it valuable?   How did Europeans suffer from the lack of it in the nineteenth century and how have they suffered from its absence over the last seventy years?  How will anyone’s life be bettered by being placed in possession of  ‘Jewish knowledge?  How does Jewish knowledge differ from knowledge per se?  If Jewish knowledge is essential why are not the peoples of the world seeking it out?  Why is no one rushing to become Jewish to share in this knowledge?  Why do the Chinese remain aloof?

It would seem to me that before Europeans surrendered their identity to the Jews these questions be answered.  What is be gained; what is to be lost?

Past suffering has no bearing on the issues.  Yes, the Jews suffered but so did everyone else.   All peoples have suffered since the dawn of civilization.  What makes Jews special?  There is nothing unusual in Jewish suffering.    That being true why is anyone’s duty to make it possible for Jewish culture and (apart from all other cultures) to flourish in Europe again?

Let’s begin a meaningful dialogue.





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