Again Steven Thrasher


Again Steven Thrasher


R.E. Prindle


          The sort of diatribe published as linked above  published by the Village Voice, written by Stevie Thrasher is remarkable in that it is unforgiveable blatant bigotry.  Other than some fellow Blacks it is even difficult to understand to whom Stevie was trying to appeal.

     But there is an explanation.

     White people have gone sheer fucking insane.

     Obama of course has the good sense to say that only those White people who object to his policies are insane, mean nasty little people.  Stevie here insults the whole White species.  Now, I don’t mind if he says every White Liberal in the nation has no redeeming social value but I take offense that he thinks that about me and my fellow travelers.  Not content to excoriate our ilk Stevie condemns those who one would think forms his support base.  You know, those who attended Village Vice’s Porn party.  Stevie must have picked up some of his more colorful language at that Porn event.

     Of course Stevie attacks some of his boss’s bete noires as is to be expected.  As you know Barry gets involved in shouting matches with Rush Limbaugh so Stevie throws a body block or two into Rush; hammers Sarah Palin in an outburst of misogyny that should arouse NOW but I think I see their heads turned the other way.

     One wonders where the ACLU and SPLC, those watchdogs of civic virtue, are; not rushing to the defense of  the victims of Stevie’s defamations anyway.  Rick Sanchez got fired for stating the obvious truth that those of a certain persuasion control Hollywood and the media.  I’ve got more sense than to name owners of the media as Jews so I won’t use that word.  Demonstrating that lack of media power ‘they’ don’t have Rich was off the air before his show was over while Stevie is not only not just clinging to his job but probably getting a promotion.

     Gosh, first they came for Rick Sanchez…Well, you know the rest of that one by now.


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