The Jewish Party, Social Justice And The Two Party System


The Jewish Party

Social Justice

And The Two Party System


R.E. Prindle

Social Justice And The Separation Of Church And State

     Yes, ‘the times they are a changin’.  Once that rather trite observation is acknowledged the question is how are they a changin’ and who is either directing the change or attempting to.

     It is time to acknowledge that the two party system is dead.  Both umbrella parties are in fact coalitions of various ethnic self-interested groups.  The so-called Congressional caucuses are in fact partys.  The Jewish Party, the Negro Party, the Hispanic Party, Moslem Party,  etc.  The various Partys more or less align themselves, in this case under the Democratic umbrella organization.

     Thus, as we are still with the Forward article linked above the Jewish Party avers: (all italics mine.)

     The Tea Party’s opposition to government spending and entitlement programs seems to run contrary to the social justice goals of most Jewish communal organizations.  “Small government and social justice are opposing ideas,”  said Rabbi Gutow, president of the Jewish Council For Public Affairs.  “Their views on social policy appear to be different from ours,”  he said, adding that it is time for the community to “be vigilant and find out what their policies are.”

     The above clearly distinguishes a Jewish policy held exclusively by themselves opposed in this case to Tea Party objectives of which they are fearful.  Jewish ideas of  ‘social justice’ are under attack by the Tea Party ideas according to the Rabbi.  Defensive measures must be taken.  Social Justice.  Now, having a religious figure like a Rabbi as spokesman and president of a secular political entity clearly is theocratic so that the Jewish insistence on the most minute separation of church and state on the part of Christianity is merely a divisive tactic.  Clearly the Jewish Party is dedicated to the union of religion and government domestically here as in Israel.  Separation of church and state is merely Jewish domestic policy.   Social Justice.

     What is the Jewish concept of social justice that their Party means to impose on our domestic society?  Does the Jewish Party openly proclaim their social justice goals so that we all can see what they intend or is this policy a closely guarded secret?  Rather more the latter I think.  Obviously they believe  these social justice goals would be rejected by the majority if they were openly proclaimed.  As the Jewish Party acts in secrecy on this matter it follows that there is a Jewish conspiracy of  ‘most Jewish communal organizations’ against the majority of  US domestic citizens.

     I call  upon the Jewish Party for some transparency before I outrightly reject them as conspiritors against the commonweal.  Let them publicly announce and define in what direction they are a tryin’ to change ‘domestic’ society.  If there is such a thing as anti-Semitism it must be caused by just such secretive policies as ‘social justice.’  In my understanding the US has been as socially just as any society can hope to attain.  Certainly more socially just than Israel and hence the Jews.

     The US, ‘we’, ‘our’ country cannot tolerate such hypocrisy.


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