The Jewish Party, ‘Social Justice’ And The Tea Party


The Jewish Party, ‘Social Justice’ And The Tea Party


R.E. Prindle

Separation Of Religion And State

     To return to the Jewish Forward article by Nathan Guttman of 11/01/10.  The Forward speaking through Mr. Guttman asks vis-a-vis the Tea Party candidates and the November national elections:

     How should Jews respond to an angry movement whose candidates…urge setting aside such divisive social issues to focus on fiscal conservatism and radical government cutbacks.

      To fail to fall in line with Jewish ideas the Forward characterizes as divisive and radical.  One wonders when in the past, or the present, Jews have rejected divisiveness and radicalism.  Does the Forward forget the Jewish divisive social radicalism of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement of the mid 1960s?  Do the self-delusional members of the Forward really believe the entire student body of UC favored the radical and divisive Jewish agitation?  I can tell them them from experience they didn’t.

     But now the hypocritically pious members of the Forward condemn radicalism and divisiveness.  Time for a different hat and new shoes but the feet and head remain the same.  First you blindside with a punch in the head to get their attention then a couple shots in the feet per Greil Marcus to make sure they understand.  A potent combination of hyprocrisy and terror.

     How many different masked and anonymous roles do the Jews play?

     “If Jews have something to worry about regarding the Tea Party; it should be in their capacity as liberals, not as Jews.”  Ginsberg said.

      Ah! I see.  The Jew qua Jew mask in the synogogue and the liberal mask in public, each equally deniable.  You never know who you’re talking to, a Jew disguised as a liberal or a liberal disguised as a Jew.

     He (Ginsberg) explained that while stands on religion among Tea Party candidates and activists are sketchy and inconsistent, the group’s economic agenda is coherent and largely opposed to the broader liberal domestic (my italics) agenda shared by many in the Jewish (Party).

     Note the phrase- liberal domestic policy.  Is there more than one agenda?  A policy for here and another for there or elsewhere?  In Israel perhaps is Jewish policy less liberal?  Certainly Jewish policy in Israel appears to be the antithesis of  ‘liberal’ versus views of ‘social justice’ pursued in the US.  In Israel Jews speak the most atrociously derogatory insults to their own ‘minorities’ and even their own citizens from Africa; while in the Us Jews favor open borders and advancement of favored minorities against the majority.  This is perhaps understandable vis-a-vis the Negroes which is their normal policy but now more remarkably still the same people Israelis excoriate as dumb beasts in Israel, the Arabs, now become the victims of the ‘New Anti-Semitism’ in the US.   Can the Forward believe either Negroes or Arabs take them seriously?  Do they think anyone takes them seriously?

     Hyporcrisy doesn’t even begin to describe the ‘social justice’ pursued by Jews in the US.

     Underlying those fears is concern about the separation of religion and state.

     Pul-eeze.  Is this Jewish liberal domestic policy or does it apply in Israel too?  Remember Jews in America are Israeli citizens.


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