Tea Partys, Jewish Partys And Dissenters


Tea Partys, Jewish Partys And Dissenters

by R.E. Prindle


Jewish Party

            The Jewish Forward (linked above)  now steps forth to ask- how Christian are the Tea Party‘s candidates.  We Whites may well ask the same thing.  If they are dogmatics the Jews don’t want them but, surprise, neither do we but, we know how to handle them.

     Chrisianity is not as much a concern as the Jewish Party may think.  By their own statistics only half of the Tea Party supporters attend services once a week or almost once a week.’ whatever that may mean.  The Forward‘s statistics do not include dissidents who are much more secular than the Tea Party and certainly the Jewish Party.  We may be more of a concern for Jewish Party goals than Tea Partyers.

     Mr. Nathan Guttman, writing for the Forward says that ‘Jewish voters…are traditionally suspicious about public expressions of faith.’  Indeed!  So are we secular dissidents but we go the Jewish Party one further: We’re suspicious of them also.  Take a look at the two bebearded, behatted bookends in the photo above and tell me in what fashion those guys are leery about making public expressions of faith.  At least three of the above and probably four are wearing yarmulkes, a definite religious statement.  Another public confession of faith.  The other guy with his hands in his pockets looks decidedly non-Jewish while lacking the public professions of faith as the others.  But, the Jews Mr. Guttman tells us are leery of such public professions.

     Just as a law was passed against concealing your face in public the law should be extended to include intimidating professions of faith such as yarmulkes and weird beards.

     Of special concern for dissidents and the Tea Party is the unrelenting Jewish hypocrisy as illustrated above.  Mr. Guttman’s main concern is that there may be some ‘anti-Semites‘ i.e. those not of the Jewish Party who object to sending billions of dollars a year of taxpayers money overseas to underwrite Israel.  He fails to justify why ‘we’, ‘our’ country should send billions a year to a foreign state the citizens of which pay no taxes to ‘us’ but then that might be difficult to do.

     Perhaps Semties should spend a little more time on self-examination and a little less time fearing ‘Christians.’  Mr. Guttman is right in saying there is a long history of conflict between Jews and all others but doesn’t attempt to answer why.


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