Obama’s African Methods


Obama’s African Methods


R.E. Prindle



     In Dinesh D’Souza’s excellent and penetrating analysis in Forbes Magazine linked above of the wellsprings and motives of Obama’s behavior he overlooks one point- that of the customs of Obama’s native Africa.

     In Africa the Chief of the tribe owns every inch of the tribal lands, every stick, every stone.  Nothing can be removed without his permission.  More signficantly he owns every person who in fact is his slave.  He can dispose of any individual exactly as he wishes.

     Obama has made repeated trips to his native Kenya over the years discussing matters with tribal elders and his Luo chief.  As D’Souza correctly notes Obama isn’t practicing Western socialism but African ownership.  What he does is first take possession of an entity like General Motors then dispense jobs and whatever as his personal favor to the recipient binding them to him.

     Frontier Communications recently acquired a parcel of land lines from Verizon.  Their recent press announcement advises low income customers of the availability of Federal assisstance on their phone bills.  We have here a complete departure from US traditions.  The government has never paid anyone’s bills.  Thus each phone customer becomes obligated to his ‘chief’ who is giving him something.  The subject is at least obligated to vote the chief’s wishes.  Frontier on the other hand becomes obligated to Obama in his person, not the ‘Government’, as they await the very large check from Obama.  Without that check or those customers Frontier becomes less viable hence subservient to the ‘chief.’   It would be wise for Frontier executives and employees to vote as the chief directs.

     This is what’s going on with the consent of Obama’s congressional stooges but not ourselves.  Take care before you’re trapped in African tribal customs


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