The WTC And World Conquest


The WTC And World Conquest


R.E. Prindle

     Nine-eleven was predicted by the first attempt on Tower #1.  Anyone with any sense was waiting for the second attempt.  In the meantime no attempt was made to restrict Moslem immigration or to control the population already in the US although it had been made clear that Moslems, yes, all Moslems, meant us harm on our own soil.   That a state of warfare existed against the US outside our borders was abundantly clear.   We were at war with Moslemism both inside and outside our borders.

     Now we are told that these cutters off of women’s noses are our buddies, harmless Americans honoring American foundation myths having forsaken their own Moslem foundation myths, but still cutting off women’s noses.

     Rather than being leery or ashamed of forging links with the crime of the WTC, if not act of war, the Moslems blatantly wish to put a giant Mosque (some call it a Community Center) virtually on the site of the WTC.  It doesn’t take a genius in symbolism to figure this out.

     What does a giant community center portend if not an appropriation of Lower Manhattan including the site of the WTC as well as Wall Street.  In Moslem eyes Wall Street and the WTC are the Mecca of our civilization.  Their bombing the WTC was equivalent to our bombing Mecca which we should have done instead of spending trillions bombing Afghanistan.  For the West to have captured and occupied Mecca would have had the most serious consequences for Moslemism.  Therefore if the Moslems capture Lower Manhattan they have captured not only the citadel of the US but that of the entire West which includes Europe to the Urals.

     In case no one has noticed the Moslems have already surrounded the financial center of Londonistan.  Hello, hello, is anyone home?

     Thus the US Mosque is merely a first step in occupying the ‘heart’ of American civilization.  With a home base in Lower Manhattan the conquest of the rest of the country given the present attitude is inevitable.  The Moslem Clown in the White House has already destroyed our military so that defense is a matter of militias just in case you have been sleeping through the days as well as the nights.

     It is regrettable  that this is so little understood but Moslemism is an intolerant religion.  ‘Thou shalt have no god before Allah.’  In Moslem eyes there is no room in the world for a competing religion or even point of view.

      Moslems think they are hoodwinking the West because they have Liberal collaborators like Keith Olbermann and Anderson Cooper.  It is high time those two were trashed.  It is time to remove the civil disabilities from Ameican males and disenfranchise those who seek to disenfranchise us.  There can be no tolerance for the intolerant.  That way lies suicide.

     Don’t blame the Semites if Americans are fools.


3 comments on “The WTC And World Conquest

  1. Taken in the spirit given K.

    But history is history, psychology is psychology.

    Allah is Allah, or would be if he existed. There’s the problem. If you believe in your god you must do what your god has commanded. So, what has Allah commanded? How is that command to be realized? How does one conquer the most powerful military force in the world without competent armies of one’s own?

    It must be by guile, it must be by stealth. Why is a giant Mosque needed at Ground Zero if there is no population to be served? Is the population there now? No. When will it be and where will it live? Assuming the growth of the population what area will it cover? Lower Manhattan.

    In order to occupy the land the present residents must be ethnically cleansed. No problem. If the population can be moved in it will then surround the American ‘shrines’ of the site of the WTC and Wall Street. It will also be a Moslem colony on American soil.

    Seems obvious when you have a giant Mosque doesn’t it?

    If politics doesn’t equal paranoia then you shouldn’t be political. You must make conjectures on what moves your opponents are making and why. Does that make sense to you?

    Thanks for reading and being the decent sort.

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