Ignorant America And The Very Savvy Mr. Tunku Varadarajan


Ignorant America


The Very Savvy Mr. Tunku Varadarajan


R.E. Prindle

     Comes now something called Tunku Varadarajan, writing for the Daily Beast no less, proclaiming that ‘Americans’ are ignorant because 20% of them believe Obama is a Moslem.  Mr. Varadarajan writes for the Daily Beast one of the dumbest Liberal sites on the internet.  I read it for laughs and inane relief from serious matters.  I hope Mr. Varadarjan gets the point.  Although Indian it isn’t clear whether he writes as a Moslem or a Hindu, in either case two of the most ignorant religions in the field of religions, which isn’t saying much.

     While he scoffs at the possibility of Obama being a Moslem Mr. Varadarajan doesn’t venture a guess at what he actually is.  Is Obama a Christian?  I’m not one so don’t get excited.  We have no way of really knowing what Obama’s religious views might be and he’s not talking.  Least said soonest mended, I suppose.  According to Obama’s ‘Dreams’ he was no kind of a churchgoer until he became a Community Organizer in Chicago and was advised that he would have better credibility in the Black Belt if he attended a Stomp and Shouter.  At that point, he says, he interviewed the Reverend Wright to see if their views were compatible.  It was only after he learned that the two were in accord that he consented to sit in the pews listening to Mr. Wright lustily shout:  Goddamn America! Hallelujah!  He says he did this for political reasons but he did interview Rev. Wright first.

     Wright was affiliated with James Cone and his Black Liberation Theology.  Kind of a backhanded Christianity.  Did Obama accept a Black Jesus as his ‘personal savior’ born again as a Black Liberationist?   I’m sure I don’t know but I do take that as some sort of evidence that religion wasn’t of outstanding importance in Obama’s life.

     It is also true that as a young boy he was indoctrinated into the Moslem religion in Indonesia at the insistance of his step-father, Lolo Soetero.   So, by the time Obama opted for the flesh pots of America as he says in his Dreams he had a Moslem background.

     He seems to have been unconcerned about religious matters from his return to ‘the land of plenty’ until his adoption of Wright and his Cone Black Liberation Theology.

     I don’t know what Mr. Varadarajan considers evidence but I wouldn’t be caught dead bowing from the hips, placing my head on his hand and seemingly paying fealty to some Moslem prince while President of the United States Of America.  But as Mr. Varadarajan says, I’m just some toxically ignorant  ‘American.’

     To talk of religious tolerance over this WTC mosque shows either a very forgiving leniency or complete ignorance of Moslem traditions over thirteen centuries.  But then that’s probably what Mr. Varadarajan means when he says Americans are toxically ignorant.

     What can I say?  Mr. Varadarajan is an exemplar of the Daily Beast.


2 comments on “Ignorant America And The Very Savvy Mr. Tunku Varadarajan

  1. Those aren’t scare quotes those mean ‘supposed’.

    There is no America and there are no Americans. Which Americans are you talking about? White Americans, Black Americans, Moslem Americans, Jewish Americans, Korean Americans, what? The country is too fragmented to count. The idea of Democrats and Republicans is passe.

    What we now have is a series of ethnic enclaves that will return ethnics to congress to function as ethnics. You obviously think you’re an American, of sorts, but you don’t have the education to be one and you can’t get it anymore than I can ‘become’ Hindu.

    Which Americans are ignorant and what are they ignorant about? Your hostility shows. Get Straight.

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