The New Anti-Semitism


The New Anti-Semitism


R.E. Prindle

     Daniel Luban writing on Tablet Ezine titles his piece- The New Anti-Semitism.  While the charge of anti-Semitism in the past has been restricted to Jews Mr. Luban now extends its protection to the Arabs or Moslems.  As the vast majority of the worlds 1.4 billion Moslems are not Semites it would seem that Mr. Luban is edging toward an alliance of Jews and Arabs as fellow Semites.  Iranians as you should know are Aryans and not Semites although Moslems.

     As there seems to be a rising awareness of our subordination to Semitic interests which could easily flare into open violence as it invariably has throughout history, the Jews may be trying to unite their slim and rapidly falling percentage of the population due to unrestricted immigration legal or illegal which they encourage, with those of the Arabs for greater security.

     In view of Jewish activities in Palestine one wonders why Jews would find such a combination appealing to Arabs in the US.  but, then, politics makes for strange bed fellows and none could be stranger than that of Arabs and Jews.

     As the focal point of this proposed union is the building of a Moslem City in New York City at the site of the WTC the Semites (that is Jews and Moslems) are raising the hue and cry  of religious intolerance.  They make religious intolerance sound like a simple one way highway.

     I am personally intolerant of religions, any religion.  There is no place in the modern world for these archaic outdated belief systems founded only in the minds of the believers.  One would have hoped that these superstitions had died out long ago.  Since they haven’t they should be actively discountenanced and placed under civil disabilities.  Remove their right to vote or hold office.

     On the parochial level of religions these maniacs, for they would be maniacs if such delusions were held by an individual, these maniacs, as I say, are dangerous.  They speak democracy and religious tolerance but they don’t practice it.  It is their way or the highway.  We should have the same intolerant attitude toward them and should show them the highway back to the ‘Holy land.’  It was good enough for Abe and Ikey and its good enough for them.

     Steel your minds, do not be swayed by arguments of tolerance or fairness.  You are an infidel outside their law, they owe you nothing.  They are under no obligation to tell you the truth or deal honestly with you.  You must understand that.  Civil disabilities are already being imposed on you by ‘hate’ laws sponsored by and enforced by Semites.  Worse can and will follow without action on our parts.

     If there is a ‘new anti-Semitism’ it is a direct result of Semitic attitudes and activities toward us.  At no point in the history of the world have Semites been tolerant of the other.

     No government without representation.  Semites go home.  America for Americans.


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