Hypocrisy On A Stick


Hypocrisy On A Stick


R.E. Prindle

          Am I astonished at the hypocrisy of the Jewish press?  Well, I used to be but now I’m so numbed by repeated duplicity that I truly cannot be astonished further.  I’ve exhausted my capacity to be astonished.  However one must soldier on.

     The Moselms say they want to build some sort of Moslem city near if not on the ashes of the World Trade Center.  Americans are now asked by these Semitic louts, both Jews and Moslems, to honor the great principle of religious tolerance on which this great country of ‘ours’ was founded.

     What do either Jews or Moslems know of religious tolerance?  Isreael is busy building walls to separate Jews and Moslems completely.  No discussion of building mosques anywhere in Israel let alone the Temple Mount.  The Christians of Bethlehem have all but been run out of town.  Few are allowed to remain.  Jews spit on Christians residents of Jerusalem.  Mock the Pope.  Immerse a cross in piss.

     Comes now Michael Bloomberg the mayor of the largest Jewish city in the world, New York City, but of which Jews still form a ‘minority.’  This son of religious bigots now says he can’t see how we can refuse the Moslems based on ‘our’ policy of religious tolerance.  Who’s this we, Mayor Bloomberg?  Certainly not you as a citizen of Israel building all those walls, expelling all those Christians; not these Moslems seeking religious tolerance as they forbid any display of Christianity or Judaism in Saudi Arabia.  Moslems who find any representation  of another religion such as crosses or stars of david so offensive they want them removed from their sight.  Certainly not Jews who want Christmas banned.  Certainly not Jews who spit every time they pass a Catholic Church.  Does this occur in some distant place?  No, no, this occurs right here in the land of religious tolerance.  But tolerance isn’t practiced by Semites is it, Mr. Bloomberg?

     This Semitic attitude is so offensively hypcritical that I find it difficult to say Jew or Moslem without gagging.  Both religions are a disgrace to America, humanity and yourselves.  Why don’t both of you hop a rocket ship to Mars?  Or better yet, Betelgeuse.


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