Omar Thornton And News


Omar Thornton And News


R.E. Prindle

     Omar Thornton, the disgruntled Negro shot eight of his White co-workers, or rather ex co-workers as he had just been fired.  We are told he did this with unquestionable justification.  There were charges of racism, of course, but they weren’t directed at Omar.  No, they were brought against his victims.  The Liberals believe it justifiable homicide.

     Conservatives denounced the reaction as ‘White guilt’ which it was, of course, but that’s not really the bottom of the kettle; it goes deeper.  There is White guilt but it is based on a deeply felt notion of Negro inferiority by Liberals.  Yes, it is true that Negroes were enslaved but then looked at one way so are horses.  Horses are bonafide beasts and therefore inferior to us, or so the Bible tells us.  So when a man beats a horse that is not news; but when a horse bites a man, that is.  And our sympathy goes out to the horse because we know that in our complacent superiority we have enslaved and mistreated them.

     Thus the Liberal actually denies the Negro full humanity and the Liberal thinks of him at best as a little child who has to be coddled and protected.  The Liberal becomes inscensed at any White on Black violence no matter how defensive or justified.  Therefore it’s not surprising when Thornton, a dog, bites man it is news while Liberals rush to defend its and his actions.  Yes, guilt is involved but a feeling of innate superiority is much more prominent than guilt.

     So long as Liberals can treat Negroes as dogs or horses and maintain their feeling of superiority this fiasco will never end.  If the Liberal ever has to view the Negro as a man, equal and a threat then the Negro had better watch his step.  As tolerant as Liberals seem now their intolerance will turn to genocide as against a mad dog or crazy horse.  Then he will view the Negro as he now does the ‘White Supremacist.’


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