Michele Obama- The African Queen


The African Queen


R.E. Prindle


Sorority Girl In The US


      The African Queen’s trip to Spain should take no one by surprise.  African genes will out.  Michele Obama who is the descendant of Africans in this country for three hundred years or so reverts back to the customs of her African ancestors.  The Queen is doing nothing that Africans don’t do in Africa.  In other words she’s treating the assets of the United States as her own.  Expense is no object. Forty friends in 2500 dollar per night hotel rooms is no obstacle.

     Never mind that the African Queen has no official status.  She is not on the federal payroll.  She doesn’t even have a job.  She is merely married to someone who is on the payroll.  Barry Obama is thus guilty of the theft of funds he has no right to dispense.  This is a high crime and misdemeanor or an impeachable crime.

     Parnell Thomas back in the forties went to prison for merely putting a couple people on the payroll.  The African Queen and her hubby are misappropriating or stealing millions for a vacation for her and dozens of mere friends none of which has an official status.  This does not include 70 secret service agents for security.

     While millions on the Gulf and the Great Lakes are suffering indescrible deprivation as they see their homes disappear under a sea of oil this dufus spends millions that might better have used to relieve the misery of people who are suffering huge losses.

     But, Idi Amin Obama don’t mind.

     Plus the real Michele Obama exposes herself.  Check out the coy, Nancy Reagan looking Michele in the US in the photo above with the raging African Queen in Spain.

Gone is the sweater girl in favor of the African fabric off the shoulder steamer.

Gone is the demure sweater girl in favor of the steaming off the shoulder African fabric. Note the hair style.

      If you can’t see what’s going on, oh my G-d!


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