Heads Up!


Heads Up!


R.E. Prindle

If a man does away

with his traditional way of living

and throws away his good customs,

he had better first make certain

that he has something of value

to replace them. 

…Basuto proverb.


     From England comes a new plank in the platform to disenfranchise and exterminate Euroamericans.  The indigenous English have been advised that no one in the world can consider themselves indigenes.  In practice this applies only to Europeans and North Americans of European descent.  There is little chance of Asia or Africa being invaded by First World citizens while Asians and Africans are invading Europe and North America.  Therefore Euroamericans are being told that they have no right to defend themselves against encroachment and the law will consider that they have nothing to defend.  Thus in one fell swoop a new ‘law’ has been established extralegally, a mere dictum, stripping Euroamericans of their identity and past.  They are now homeless waifs being driven along in front of the storm until they disappear if they let themselves be.

     In the US anent the same problem it is now becoming clear that the Bilderbergs or whoever is directing this fiasco clearly favor Mexicans over both indigenous peoples- Euroamericans and Africans.  Wherever Mexicans have established their communities in the US they have conducted ethnic cleansing in violation not only of the old laws but the newly declared laws.  Euroamericans tired of the bullying have made motions of resistance in Arizona and other places.

     Africans who have been murdered and  bullied out of areas invaded by Mexicans who have established several ethnically pure areas throughout the country seem to have met stouter African resistance in the NY burrough of Staten Island.

     With the usually skewed writing of the Money Trust or whoever Daniel Trotta writing for the appendage Reuters distorts the situation thusly:

     The situation has combined two of America’s most intractable problems…the plight of inner city black (African) youths who lack jobs and opportunity, and the world of the migrant workers who flee poverty or violence at home in search of low-paying jobs that Americans generally refuse to take.

     This piece seems to be written in the  Olympian style.  The writer obviously is indigenous to nowhere while equally obviously in the employ of  whatever organization extraneous to all countries and areas.  He naturally construes his facts to favor the Bilderberg or whoever’s prejudices.  One wonders why this omnipotent and omniscient organization cannot end poverty ‘at home’ or its violence.  It is contrary to fact that Mexicans are in search of low-paying jobs that Americans ‘generally’ refuse to take.  Americans at one time did take all those ‘low paying’ construction jobs.  They have been moved out by Mexicans who are forced to take lower wages to get the jobs.  You can see the twisted logic these people use.

     America has these two ‘intractable problems’ because they are fostered by the Bilderbergers who first created the problems and then blamed America for not following their program to end them.  Trotta reflecting the Bilderbergers prejudices quotes the Mexican consul of New York who is obviously functioning as a paramilitary general directing the activities of the Mexicans also functioning as paramilitaries.  Reuben Beltran, the consul is quoted as saying:

     I just hope at some point these young African-Americans realize we are on the same side.  We are both minorities.  We are suffering discrimination in various parts of the country.

     As I noted above Mexicans cleanse their communities of Africans so Consul Beltran is being facetious when he says Africans and Mexicans are on the same side.  As a paramilitary infiltration of the US Mexicans are at war with Africans as much as with Anglos.  For an invading army to consider themselves as a minority is absurd.

     To follow the logic of the his new law enunciated by the Bilderbergers as there are no indigenes then it follows that it is all against all, whoever can seize a territory and hold it that party becomes the new indigenes.  Only a fool would pay attention to a noise from a bullhorn telling them to lie down and die.  Daniel Trotta is that noise and Reuter is that bullhorn in this case.  Tell them to take a hike.  Their new pronouncements are not valid laws.  They’re not even bothering to use the courts, just bypassing them.

     As to who directs this fiasco I have no names although the Bilderbergers are listed by name.   Have a chat with them individually.  While the unkown masters wish to remain anonymous and thereby secure a hint as to their identity may have been dropped by the artist David Hockney.  He says world affairs are directed by 300 homosexuals and that he knows each one personally.  Might be a place to start.



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