The Mind Of Unlimited Power


The Mind Of  Infinite Power


R.E. Prindle


     The tragedy of the West is that the Iliad,  its defining text, was written in such an obscure style that its meaning has remained uncomprehended for lo! these twenty-eight hundred years.  Oddly enough the Iliad’s author, Homer,  is the most revered of all Western writers.

     On one level the book is about the discovery of the power of the mind.  The book’s hero, Zeus, has the mind of  infinite power.  His mind encompasses all, sees all, understands all.  His is the mind to which we should all aspire.   Indeed, education per se is a Western invention, unlike, for instance, the Semitic mind with its eternal unchanging revealed religion in which no further investigation is permitted; or the equally static Mongolid mind; or the totally stagnant African mind.  The Western mind is encouraged by its genetic makeup to seek the cause of all things- in other words, to empower the mind.  The difference between that intellectual outlook and the static, perverse view of nature of the Semitic books- the Bible and Koran- is immediately apparent.

     Unfortunately the the Bible and Koran being written for a lower level of intellectual ability is immediately apparent while, as I say, the Iliad is not.  Thus the Iliad has been abandoned as a book of useless fables while the Bible is revered as a book of truth in the West and the Koran in Africa and the East.

     The mind of Western man the has been prepared to throw away its valuable patrimony for a mess of Semitic potage which can only lead to its slavery to Israel as was the earlier victim of the biblical fable, Esau.

     It then behooves us to radically revolutionize the educational system of America away from the Semitic influence which now dominates it back to the Western ideal.  Let the Semites bob and weave over their Talmud and Koran; let the Negroes develop their own unique talents in their own schooling while we try to develop those minds of power that can advance us toward greater comprehension of nature.

     Of course the current revolution of the Undermen wil have to controlled and channeled.  The Undermen with their more limited capabilities will always resent the minds of greater power.  That is why ‘they hate us.’  That is why they say that Whiteness must be wiped from the face of the Earth.  They fear the powerful mind of our god, ‘Zeus.’  They prefer their gods ‘Yahweh’, ‘Allah’ and the other lesser gods of those outside the law who are more amenable to their intellectual capabilities.

     Racism?  No, no, Nature.




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