Edgar J. Steele Amongst The Bigots


Edgar J. Steele Amongst The Bigots


R.E. Prindle

     Edgar J. Steele is in prison.  Yes, you read right, Edgar J. Steele is in prison.  You may ask, who is Edgar J. Steele?  Steele is an attorney who represented victims the State wished to oppress.

     What is his crime? You may ask.  That’s just it, no crime has been committed.  No person injured or killed; no property damaged or destroyed, nothing stolen.  ‘They can’t do that!  That’s change I can’t believe in.’  You may say.  Well, you have the object lesson before you.  They can do that and more.

     ‘They’ , the Obama administration, the apostle of change, his FBI virtually demolished Steele’s home while removing considerable valuables, his life’s savings.  He is currently being held incommunicado, in solitary confinement, twenty-four hour lockdown in an unspecified location: maybe Abu Graib maybe in this country, who knows?  Anything is possible to tyrants.

     You still don’t believe it?  What did he do you ask, he must have done something.  To be sure.  He did do something.  He spoke out against the government- that of the US and that of Israel.  Yes, it’s true, he doesn’t deny it, he criticized the Jews; but, since when is that a crime; since when has the government of the United States become a theocracy?  I don’t know the date.  Rather than be an Eichmann and follow orders he blew the whistle.  What a choice, die as an Eichmann or live as a social outcast as a whistle blower.  Steele got the best of both worlds he’s in solitary confinement, max, max, max.

     Steele’s greatest ‘crime’ is that he gave legal counsel to Richard Butler of the Aryan Nations.  What had Butler been charged with?  Holding an unpopular opinion.  Jews may have been involved.  Apparently they didn’t have enought to put him away so they fined him beyond his ability to pay bankrupting him.   Take that, bastard.

     They’re even making Steele defend himself.  The FBI sequestered his assets so he can’t hire an attorney.  Of course, if the   US and Israel combined can do this to Steele for defending Butler imagine what they could do to any attorney who honestly defended Steele.  Slow down the next guy, won’t it?

     Imagine what the US and Israel could do to anyone who honestly defended you.  Those great defenders of Free Speech, the Jews, are sending you a message:  Shut yo’ mouf’ about Israel and the Jews, slave. 


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