The Mask Of Altruism: Arizona’s SB1070 And Reality


The Mask Of Altruism

Arizona’s SB 1070 And Reality


R.E. Prindle

     I’ve been quietly watching the struggle of Arizonans to limit the damage to their State for a while.  Push has now come to shove as individuals with agendas seek to impose their so-called altruism on majority opinion.

     Terry Goddard the Arizona Attorney General is quoted as saying:

     Jan Brewer played politics with immigration, and she lost.  It is time to look beyond  election year grandstanding and begin to repair the damage to Arizona’s image and economy.

     While I certainly admire the force and certainty of Goddard’s misguided convictions I fail to see the validty of his puerile opinions.  What is he running for, Miss America or something?  Does he believe his opinions came from god?  Did he hear a still small voice in the desert muttering these ‘truths’ in his ear?

     When he says there was damage to Arizona’s image he means what?  He and fellow altruistic Liberals were disturbed that someone refused to nuckle under?  Is that it?  Is that all?   I and hundreds of millions of others like me applauded Governor Brewer and the enlightened State of Arizona.  It was with pride that I looked at a portion of America that refused to be a doormat in the name of altruism.  Would it be trite to say I thought:  We’re all Arizonans now?

     Perhaps Mr. Goddard enjoys being a doormat?  Would he allow the least educated of Americans, Apalachian hill folk for instance, hillbillies, to walk all over him or would his altruism fail him at the crucial moment.  I’m not waiting for an answer, I know it.   Perhaps he applauds the flow of drugs into his State that corrupt the intregrity of his fellow citizens who he must despise.  One might ask what benefit he derives from the sale of these drugs?   Certainly the crime swells his sense of  importance as a lawyer and an Attorney General.  I would be keen to learn what interest he has in drugs.

     As to playing politics with immigration, what demogoguery.  Shame on you Attorney Goddard.  Fie, fie, I cry fie.  Yes, you are shameless to question the integrity of a political opponent for blatantly political purposes.  It is you Attorney Goddard who are playing politics and may you get your reward at election time.

     As for Governor Brewer she has my vote for President of these United States.  States united behind Arizona’s SB 1070.

     May you find peace with your god, AG Goddard, whatever god that may be, and may you find the self-respect to respect the sincerity of politicians better than you.  Once again, fie, fie, for shame.


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