Shirley Sherrod And The Question Of Slavery Black And White


Shirley Sherrod

And The Question Of Slavery Black And White


R.E. Prindle

     The big flap over Shirley Sherrod’s racism has some interesting implications.  Mrs. Sherrod is a racist  which is to say toatlly racially conscious.  Racial consciousness is the issue not racism.  It is necessary to listen to her entire 50 minute lecture to get its full import.

     Mrs. Sherrod begins her lecture with a brief mention of a situation introduced by the brilliant researcher Michael Hoffman III.  That of White slavery in the South.  The facts are known to only a few so that I was surprised to find Mrs. Sherrod fully conversant with the topic.  Her opinion was fully developed too.  White slavery is usually referred to as ‘indentured servants.’  Servant is usually understood in the form of, perhaps, a butler like Jeeves.  In fact indentured servants were no less the property of their owners than Negroes while preceding Negroes as slaves in America.  They might have been released after their rather stiff 7 year term but then again they might not. 

     Many Whites did not sign papers of indentureship but were abducted and enslaved while Cromwell rounded up thousands and tens of thousands of Irish transporting them as permanent slaves to the new world.

     As Mrs. Sherrod points out Blacks and Whites worked as slaves in the fields cheek by jowl where there was inevitably intermingling.  She presents this as a case of racial harmony being oblivious to other implications.

     From there she proceeds in a well developed lecture to her discrimination against the White farmer who she wished to punish but as she knew he had been sent to her to help  she had to have the appearance of helping so she was obligated to pass him off  ‘to his own kind’ as evidence of being helpful.  She next encounters the farmer in court where he is in process of being judicially expropriated of his property by his own kind.

     The moral she then presents is that it isn’t about race, it’s about rich and poor- in other words, money.

     The moneyed class then is not concerned about race or color but merely exploiting the ‘poor.’   Well, yes, of course.  All men are thieves, Black or White.  So, if one has read Big Bill Haywood’s IWW autobiography one learns of  White  labor in the south of the early nineteenth century where in an attempt to keep White field hands bound to the ‘plantation’ they were made heroin addicts by their employers.  In that manner they wouldn’t be able to leave their source of supply.  Yes, Change is in the air, old facts are being discovered and interpreted in new ways.  Times are a’changin’.

     Having determined that slavery, Black or White, chattel or wage, is an economic or social problem as anyone who has read Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World knows, Mrs. Sherrod dismisses any biological arguement for the separation of Blacks and Whites.

     So, yes, her lecture was about race.  Barack Obama she believes is a deliverer which in a sense he is but what she fails to understand is that Obama is a member of the moneyed class that is he is attempting to re-enslave not only Blacks and Whites, chattel and wage, but the entire world.  The goal is not racial equality but labor equality which might require racial blending in the Global Money Trust’s eyes.  The goal is not racial equality but labor equality- all are to be slaves.  For Huxley’s Gammas the role will be obvious,for the Alphas from whom brain work is required and an illusion of freedom it will be less obvious.

     But, who’s going to play the financial oligarchy’s game but the stupid, no offense, Mrs. Sherrod.  Let’s hope enough of us have more sense.



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