Edgar J. Steele And Civil Rights


Edgar J. Steele And Civil Rights


R.E. Prindle




     Edgar Steele may be less than a household word to most of us but Meghann M. Cuniff of the Idaho Spokesman-Review has announced that he is back in the public eye.

     Mr. Steele, an attorney, offended the Left several years ago by according civil rights to the Aryan Nations founder Richard Butler who offended the Left by having an opinion they objected to.  Mr. Steele has reemerged into the public eye being accused of hiring someone to off his wife and mother-in-law.  A stupid move if so.  Anyone who has watched true crime on TV knows that the first suspect in a spousal murder is the other spouse.  Even if the one armed man did it the other spouse is going to jail.

      But apart from a very unreportorial bias on the part of Miss Cuniff there are some interesting details.  Although Mr. Steele is licensed only to practice in Idaho and Washington he maintains an office in San Mateo, California.  Obviously something I’m not aware of is going on.  Perhaps such legal dissonance is why Mr. Steele’s emergence into the ‘Federal Bureau Of Investigation’s  cross hairs’ has come about, otherwise I can’t understand why the FBI would involve itself in a local murder plot- alleged.

     Obviously not only is the FBI carefully, one might say obsessively, tracking Mr. Steele’s movements but one Miss Holbert of the Bonner County Human Rights Task Force is watching too.  Wow!  A Human Rights Task Force.  Whose human rights?  Is this a vigilante outfit or actually funded by the Bonner County taxpayers?  I might have objections to public funding and this vigilante outfit if I lived in Bonner County.  Wow!  A choice between Aryan Nations and the Human Rights Task Force.  What does the word ‘human’ encompass anyway?  My choice there would be based on whether I were Aryan or Human.  Gotta be one or the other.  Wouldn’t know which to flop.  Sounds like the Humans consider the Aryans less than human although they look the same and if you prick them they bleed so, gee, I don’t know.

      Anyway Miss Cuniff  writes the Aryan Nations trial gave Mr. Steele a lot of clout in extremist circles.  I don’t what a lot of clout in extremist circles is worth or in which extremist circles but obviously not much because you’re in the cross hairs of the FBI which obviously is a death sentence.  The writer was quoting one Virginia Mayo, director of  ‘right wing research’ at the Anti-Defamation League, another vigilante group not well known for its objectivity in outlook.

     This may be a clue:  …the federal raid (raid?) on his home June 11 came more than a year after his last major publicized speaking event.  If he was speaking to ‘extremists’ that might been a crowd of eight or nine, seven or eight of which were FBI, ADL and SPLC infiltrators.  We all know that the Communist Party was so small it wasn’t possible to be a threat and hence watch which makes a concern for ‘extremists’ ridiculous.  Perhaps the federals, ADL and SPLC are suffering from paranoid delusions.

     And then the article gets to the crux of the matter.  The famous Heidi Beirich of another vigilante outfit, the SPLC weighs in:   He’s been ranting, especially about the Jews….  It’s becoming clear.  Miss Beirich continues:  …but to see him accused of trying to blow up his wife and mother-in-law?  …We were in shock here.’

     I’ll bet.  Gathered around the vigilante water cooler- Hey, Heidi, did you hear ’bout Ed?’  I’m in shock, aren’t you?’

     So Ed and Cindi had some rough times in their marriage unlike you and I who have managed our marriages smartly.  Edgar apparently woke up one day and muttered to himself:  Time to off the bitch.  Not only was Steele in the cross hairs of the FBI but the above information was gleaned from ‘decades old court documents.’   Decades old, timely enough I suppose.

     I commend Miss Cuniff for staying on issue, three pages into the Spokesman article and no evidence of Steel’s guilt or the murder effort but she’s satill proving he’s a reprehensible character.  ‘It was after the Aryan Nations trial that Steele became very open with his own anti-Semitic views.’  said…the ADL.

     Hold on now, Steele also worked on a ‘controversial tabloid’…’targeting some incumbents.’  That’s damn fine pinpoint writing.  ‘Targeted ‘incumbents!’  Why shouldn’t public officials be ‘targeted’ by ‘controversial tabloids.’  What makes ‘incumbents’ immune from criticism?

     Not only did Steele work against ‘incumbents’ but he had the gall to defend the rights of the McGuckens ‘who used guns and dogs to guard themselves from authorities trying to take five children from the home…’  Name like McGuckens, why wouldn’t the authorities be trying to take their kids away.  Change their names too, Gomez something normal like that.  Not knowing the facts in this incident I’m automatically against busy body authorities as well as vigilantes.

     Get this!  Steele also represented an Oregon couple accused of kidnapping three of their children from social workers…and taking them to Montana.  I think Montana might have been the sticking point there.  Darn near a foreign country.

     I don’t know how that reads to you but why did the social workers have a right to someone else’s children?  Damn that Steele, actually thinking parents have rights against social workers.

     Now, and now, now comes the clincher:  ‘Steele’s last major publicity came in 2005, ‘when he appeared on national news talk shows defending two young girls (12 & 13, if I remember) in a music group called Prussian Blue…’

     The offense of the young girls was that the lyrics of their songs were offensive to the various vigilante groups involved here.  That was it.   Now, if they had been Lenny Bruce singing ‘Baby, let me bang your box.’  That wouldn’t have been offensive, at least to these vigilante clowns.

     For a climax of this diatribe against Steele Miss Cuniff finally gets to the actual charges.  Why not?

     According to Steele he can’t afford an attorney because the US government seized his life savings during the June 10 raid.  Well, OK, I can understand that,  this guy’s an anti-Semite, he forfeited his constitutional rights when he started ‘ranting’ against the Jews.

     So, the upshot of it is that what we have is the word of the criminal, one Larry Fairfax, the alleged hitman, and the word of  the arch anti-Semite, Aryan Nations, young girl defender Edgar J. Steele.   Who are you going to believe, hey?

     His alleged mother-in-law residing several hundred miles away across burning deserts in Oregon City, Oregon  ‘declined to comment other than to say, “Please keep an open mind.”   Definitely good advice that.  One thing  that is clear here is that the ADL and SPLC aren’t keeping an open mind; their’s is shut like a steel trap.

     I can’t stop.   This is too funny for everybody except for Edgar Steele.  A clinching argument come from the web site  True Crime Report.

     Edgar Steele hated Jews, defended Aryans, and looks like a guy who dressed up in woman (sic) clothes and paraded around his bedroom to show tunes late at night, doesn’t he?”

          Don’t lose that objectivity fellows.  Not to me but then perhaps I’m not the most objective person to ask.  I still beilieve in freedom of speech, opinion, innocent untill proven guilty and things like that.  What is Steele’s crime?  Obviously that he hated Jews and defended Aryans.  Even if he’s not guilty, he should be, right?

      What’s going on?  You can’t let a guy like that have rights.


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