Obama, Hitler, Lenin


Obama, Hitler, Lenin


R.E. Prindle

Objectionable Billboard?


     Recently a Mason City, Iowa billboard was erected by a local Tea Party group.  The billboard above carried the pictures of Hitler, Obama and Lennon obviously comparing Obama to two of the most notorious dictators of all history.

     Were certain people ‘offended?’  I should say so.  Not that the comparison was inapt but that the image of Hitler was used.  There was no objection to the comparison with Lenin.  For obvious reasons, no doubt.

Removal of the sign was welcomed by the American Gathering Of Holocaust Survivors And Their Descendants…

      And Their Descendants?   It’s not bad enough that we have been plagued by the so-called holocaust survivors for the last sixty years but now the notion is to be perpetuated  eternally by some so-called descendants.  Oh no!  If these people who have absolutely no connection to personal suffering in the death camps are to institutionalize themselves forever then each and every descendant must be made to carry a certificate of authentication issued by a respnsible government other than Israel on his person at all times to be produced on demand.

     The survivors are effectively gone, I personally have no regrets, but we aren’t going to put up with descendants.  Oh, no.

     The group is quoted as issuing a statement:

We ask that political groups do not trivialize our suffering in the future by making false analogies with Hitler’s crimes.

     What monstrous hypocrisy is this?

     Descendants know nothing of the so-called holocaust themselves and have suffered nothing.

     As to trivializing this non-suffering by comparisons to Hitler, mein gott in himmel, for the last sixty years anyone who met the displeasure of the holocaust survivors and their descendants (i.e. all Jews) was described as a Hitler.  Crimes weren’t even necessary.  The accusation of Hitlerism was trundled out on the merest excuse.  And now these master hypocrites ask that their ‘suffering’ not be trivialized.  Serves them right to suffer.  Go away!  Go far, far away!

     There is nothing more apt than comparing Obama to Hitler and/or Lenin, you can throw Stalin in there too.  Trotsky.  The worst is yet to come.  Down with the ‘descendants’ of the holocaust; up with the Tea Party groups.


4 comments on “Obama, Hitler, Lenin

  1. Do you honestly believe that children of holocaust survivors have suffered nothing?! Can you really think that their parents’ experience had no affect on how they were raised?

    As for the rest of this post, I can’t even tell whether you support the sign or not. Obviously, I think it’s abominable. And I’d guess nobody cared about Lenin being up there because, not being very well versed in history, they have no idea what he did–they might not even know who he was. In fact, a more appropriate Russian leader to put up there would have been Stalin, who had zillions of Russians killed.(Not that I think Obama should be compared to any of them. It’s just stupid and disgusting.)

  2. Marcys: Let’s start from the beginning. Certain people belonging to a political party called the Tea Party put up a billboard as they are entitled to do depicting their distaste for leaders of totalitarian societies: Hitler, Obama, Lenin.

    Some may say Obama is not a totalitarian wannabe, which is their right, but others do, which is their right. I agree with the latter and find the billboard spot on.

    There is absolutely nothing affirmative said about Hitler and the billboard cannot possibly be construed to make any reference to the Jews. We do agree, right?

    Now, out of nowhere comes this group of Survivors Of The Holocaust, now as non-existent as the last Confederate soldier, And Their Descendants who hypocritically complain that the mere mention of one of the most signficant of historical figures sends them into paroxysms of agony. Don’t offend me. If I can tolerate mentions of Lenin, Stalin, Mao and FDR these Jews can tolerate the mention of Hitler. Or, we can just blot out the years 1914 to 1945 and say they didn’t exist. 1946 just naturally followed 1914.

    That said let us review the Jewish situation. This is 2010. In 1940 there were approximately five million Jews in America and five million Jews in Europe. The period of highest immigration of Jews was from 1870 to 1914. That means that any Jews and descendants in America today are represented by their grandparents or great grandparents as original immigrants. These Jews were unaffected by the holocaust in any way. They have no suffering, no evil memories.

    Any relatives they had in Europe must have been third cousins at the least who they had never seen and probably didn’t know existed. I do not feel the pain of these American Jews and I am insulted that they expect me to.

    Now, let me tell you a story of American suffering. In 1947 I was in the orphanage. Our fellow citizens forbade us to walk to school on the city streets. They demanded we use only the alleys and actually beat orphans who dared use the streets.

    Our fourth grade teacher was a Miss Marks. She was Jewish. As orphans we were banned from use of the of the bright airy fourth grade class on the first floor being relegated to a basement room in front of the coal room, painted green. Part of the class was composed of kids from parented homes. Miss Marks, this sweet Jewish woman, segregated the class, parented and orphans. The orphans were compelled to sit along one wall.

    At recess we were not only forbidden to play with the parented kids but were forbidden to play at all. We were compelled to sit on benches and watch the parented kids play.

    Miss Marks did this in 1947 after the news of the death camps became known.

    I hope you will pardon me if I find the Holocaust Survivors And Their Descendants maximum hypocrites.

    I’m sorry but the facts are against the Descendants if not the Survivors. Oh my pain, my pain. When will the Jews apologize to me for Miss Marks discrimination?

  3. I’m sorry you were so mistreated as a child, so oppressed and humiliated for being an orphan–truly a case of adding insult to injury. Miss Marks was very horrible for what she did to you. She happened to be Jewish, but she could just as well have been Catholic or anything else. People who practice cruelty exist in every religious and ethnic group. You’ve made it very clear why you carry so much antipathy and intolerance around with you.

    As for the rest, I don’t have time or energy to spend trying to weave a bunch of fancy words in order to counteract misinformation and long-nursed grudges — there’s no point to such an exercise. You won’t change your mind and I won’t change mine. I’m sorry I started this by commenting, but I felt so strongly when I read your blog. I think that is why so many people, including me, don’t talk to those with opposing opinions. It’s not good to never talk to people with diverse opinions, but it just is too upsetting and time-wasting.

    Oh and by the way: A Jewish person just apologized to you for Miss Marks.

  4. Marcys: Your sympathy is much appreciated but unnecessary. That is hardly my point. You admit the obvious and egregious wrong committed by Miss Marks but then you excuse her Jewish identity by saying she could have been Catholic, Protestant or anything else thereby generalizing her humanity while excusing her Jewish guilt.

    If you as a Jew applied the same generosity to your bete noir, Hitler, I could agree with you but you and your fellow Jews are hypocritical. By your reasoning concerning Miss Marks Hitler could have been a Negro, a Chinese, another Jew or anything so, yes, there was a wrong committed against the Jews and the world and I commisserate with Jews but it was only Hitler and he’s dead and gone. It’s over and by your own logic you and the Jews should get over it too.

    However the fact that Miss Marks was a Jew is significant because she was merely acting out bigotry embedded in the Jewish psyche, their religion and their literature. If you’ve read your Bible thousands of years ago Jews were admonished to stop harming widows and orphans. Obviously they have ignored God’s admonition. These crimes, as I say, are part and parcel of the Jewish psyche maintaining a thread through four thousand years of history.

    I’m sure you’ll recall the outrageous definition of chutzpah told as a joke, as a joke mind you, of the man who murdered his mother and father and then demanded the leniency of the court because he was an orphan. Thus Jews continue to mock the pain and suffering of orphans from 2000 BC to this day. Shameful.

    Your personal apology is of course welcome but inadequate. There were fifteen human beings of us who endured the oppression and humiliation of Miss Marks only sixty years or so ago. Their descendants have been marked by that pain and suffering. We all want compensation for the p&s caused by Miss Marks acting as a Jew according to Jewish traditions. And we want compensation for the descendants in perpetuity, eternally.

    Once again I am grateful for your personal apology, which I think makes you a fine human being, however what is needful is an apology in the name of the entire Jewish people, who will accept their complicity and guilt, through an organization such as the ADL, AJC, or SPLC or perhaps Premier Netanyahu of Israel.

    Then, perhaps, healing can begin. Is the check in the mail?

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