50,000 Free Miles


50,000 Free Miles


R.E. Prindle

      Judging from the internet comments it should now be clear to all but the most obtuse or bigoted that the Jews have succeeded in trashing America right before your eyes.  I guess that was the joke back in 1900 when arriving Jews spoke of the US as the ‘promised land.’  A nation of simpletons waiting to be fleeced.

     The goal however is not just the trashing of the US, the goal is the genocide of the White species.  The only question is what form the genocide will take.  Currently it seems that the goal is the dispersal of White Americans into colored countries where they can be ultimately absorbed, the US then turned over to the ‘colored’ peoples.

     If one notices the footage of Iraq and Afghanistan one is struck by the absence of  Black soldiers.   Thus a few hundred thousand White men, National Guardsmen, have been taken from their jobs, presumably filled by coloreds per law, and exiled in countries that if they weren’t hostile to Whites before sure as hell are now.

     The Great Black Hope is now talking of establishing a second army of White Americans to go abroad as ‘nation builders’.  An assinine notion as this can only be explained as the removing of several hundred thousand, possibly millions, more White Americans to areas that need ‘nation building.’  The ‘nation’ itself formerly was an outmoded concept but now is obviously coming back into vogue.  Or, perhaps it is intended as a joke along the lines of the ‘promised land.’  You know, mocking.

     Where can these ‘nations’ needing building be located?  Obviously Africa.   There’s a lot of humor here if you’re looking for it.  Thus several hundred thousand or millions of   Whites would be sent to an area where they would disappear in a sea of  ‘Darkness.’   Heart of Darkness, get it?  Meanwhile their jobs, presuming they had any, would undoubtedly be taken by ‘coloreds’ per law.

     I would go on but I presume eveyone gets the joke by now.  If we stand by and take it we should get it.  You can use your 50,000 free miles to fly one way to Africa.  Just take your toothbrush.


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