Freud, Einstein And The Judaic Concept Of The Eternal


The Judaic Concept Of The Eternal


R.E. Prindle

      The central conflict in Western history is the conflict between the vision of Judaism as based on eternally valid concepts and the changeability as a concept of evolution of the West.  NB:  There is no difference in concept between Judaism and its Semitic derivative Moslemism or the Semitically influenced offshoot of Christianity.  The former is based on the same mentality as the Jews and the latter a corrupted form of Western thought.

     While the universe in fact is several billion light years old and in constant change or evolution Judaism posits a creation date approx. 5800 years ago in the Age of Taurus by its then deities Shamash and Saturn.

     In a concession to reality the Jews do not claim to be coval with the creation of the world. As proto-Jews they came into existence by their own account four thousand years ago at the transition from the Age of Taurus to the Age of Aries.  This fact is commemorated in the story of Cain and Abel in which Abel is the younger son of Adam and Eve but the favored one (i.e. Chosen) of the god Shamash.

     Resenting Shamash’s choice Cain then murders Abel or in other words the Chaldeans of Ur expelled them from Mesopotamia.  The conflict between the Chaldeans and the then new cult of Terahites was about whether the world evolved from the Age of Taurus to that of Aries with new religious avatars.  At this point the dissident, essentially, Astrologers, the Jews, refused to acknowledge the transit of Aries insisting upon the eternal unchanging nature of god, or in other words, the Taurean Saturn.  Apparently a little too noisy and insistent upon this point the Terahites under their leader, the Astrologer Abram,  were forced to flee for their lives.  Thus the true bone of contention between Judaism and the West is that of the Eternal versus Evolution.  In other words Judaism rejects reason in favor of the ‘revealed.’    The cultists today reject facts in favor of faith.

     This is an irreconcilable point.  Thus as the Chosen People the Jews have been charged by their god to never rest until they have brought the light of his absolute, eternal truth to the world obliterating science.

     Time stopped for the Jews approx. 5800 years ago.  The hills were deemed to be eternal, the social order was accredited as finished, the existing stage of knowledge was all that could be known, there was nothing new in the world and never would be.  Knowledge was disparaged while ‘wisdom’ was venerated.  Thus the nonsense of the scriptures and the Talmudic commentaries is the absolute learning to which Rebbe Schneerson  refers.

     Science and its concepts which refute the revealed ‘wisdom’ of Jewish writings is to be abhorred and denigrated.

     This is the impasse beyond which Judaism and the Jews cannot advance.  It becomes necessary for them not so much to refute science as to infuse it with the Eternal.  Thus Freud realizing the threat of Western developing psychological thought and Darwinian evolution created his concept of the Unconscious as an eternal external appendage to the human mind.  There can be no evolution of Freud’s Unconscious; it is unchangeable while excluding the dangerous influence of the conscious with its inherent evolutionary tendency.

     The same can be said of Einstein’s physics in so far as he could come up with convincing arguments.  His notion that Time stops at the speed of light thereby creating the Eternal is correct as far as it goes.  As humans measure time by the speed of light obviously when one is moving with the speed of light one is co-terminous with time.  Time cannot get ahead of itself hence it stops.

     All Jewish critiques or concepts of science tend to the same result hence Jewish writing should be totally disregarded as subversive of reality while being itself false.

     Jews should be treated as Bedlamites.  Perhaps tolerated as any other madmen but otherwise disregarded and kept on the margins with the other mad people.


6 comments on “Freud, Einstein And The Judaic Concept Of The Eternal

  1. I read Freud’s book “Moses and monotheism”. He showed no interest in confirming current Jewish doctrine or theology. In fact he refuted many accepted tenants.

    If we disregard all Jewish people we should disregard their inventions too, shutting down our nuclear power plants.

    I respect your right to have this position, but disagree with it. Bdrex

  2. Our nuclear power plant was shut down.

    Thanks for your comments. If I will go public with my thoughts I must expect some who disagree, no problem.

    My point though was more to the point of the Jewish understanding of the eternal and how they apply it.

    I was pointing out that Freud and Einstein based their opinions or ‘inventions’ on already existing conditions and sought to subvert them.

    Moses and Monotheism was an interesting book but you have to read the whole corpus and study the state of psychology other than Freud.

    Moses and Mono was written when the Nazi threat became really apparent and was meant as a non mea culpa.

    Thanks, again.

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  4. Nearly everybody bases their inventions on ideas accepted in their culture.

    This is not proof of subversion. I can name many accepted ideas that really should be examined, as can you.

    But, as long as you inspire thought rather than anger or defensiveness, I support you.

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