There He Goes Again


There He Goes Again


R.E. Prindle

     Ben Feller of the AP writes an amusing endorsement of the Hope’s most recent nominee to the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan.  It’s not so much of what he does say as what he scrupulously conceals.  The word was already out.  Ms. Kagan is a lesbian.  Some feckless reporter at CBS carelessly announced this fact.  Formerly a matter of pride to the deviant in the White House Mr. Obama came down hard on this poor CBS reporter condemning him for ‘outing’ Ms. Kagan.

     Her ‘sexual preference’ is apparently well known around Harvard Yard where she passes her time so apparently there was nothing to out except to the general public from whom Mr. Transparency thought it best to conceal the fact.

     In light of her preference Ms. Kagan says the court allows “all Americans, regardless of background or their beliefs, to get a fair hearing and an equal chance at justice.”  That’s just a chance mind as writers like myself have been described as ‘lone wolf Domestic Terrorists’ by the Great Transparency.  Given my background and beliefs Mr. Transparency caused me some anxiety as to whether I had a ‘chance’ at a fair hearing and ‘equal’ justice.

     However Mr. Feller assures us that Ms. Kagan’s ‘seemingly straightforward line of thinking (that’s admittedly only seemingly) has enormous weight with Obama who has grown frustrated with a Supreme Court he says is tilting away from average Americans.  This seemingly straight forward line of thinking is tilting away from ordinary English into Orwellian doublespeak.

     Average Americans is obviously code for something other than average Americans.  Average Americans have been complaining for some time because the Supreme Court has been tilting away from them.  Perhaps average is newspeak for homosexuals and Mr. Clear As Glass means for Ms. Kagan to tilt the Court toward her constituency and apparently Mr. Obama’s, favoring homosexuals and disfavoring heterosexuals.  Average things out, if you know what I mean.   This must be what makes Ms. Kagan’s thinking ‘seemingly straightforward.’

     Nor is Ms. Kagan going to allow herself to be swayed by outdated legal principles or precepts.  Mr. Feller notes approvingly:

     Because she has spent little time as a litigator (i.e. actually practicing law)  and has not served as a judge, Kagan does not come with the usual trove of legal briefs or court opinions reflecting a judicial or legal style.

     One presumes then that Ms. Kagan is a Free Spirit quite capable of creating legalities more suiting to her prejudices.

     By contrast, last year the president introduced Sotomayor, a Federal judge, by trumpeting that she had more experience on the bench than any of the sitting judges when nominated.

     While this may seem odd to some obviously experience and inexperience add a much needed balance to the Court.  One will cancel out the other producing the stasis of a zero.

     Well, as Mr. Feller notes:  One of the most notable parts of Monday’s ceremony was what Obama did not say.  No chance of Orwellian doublespeak there.

     And just to confirm Mr. Transparency’s preoccupation with averages:

     If (Kagan) wins confirmation, women would make up one-third of the court.  They account for more than half the US population and about one in three lawyers.  She would be the third Jewish justice along with six Catholics.  The court (will ) have no Protestants, the most prevalent denomination in the United States.

     So much for Mr. Averages in Obama’s doublespeak.  Jews account for much less than 2% of the American population but here Mr. Transparency wants to appoint another that will give Jews a 33% representation on the Court.   Hmm, think averages but not too straight forwardly.

     In fairness to the AP’s repertorial staff while Mr. Ben Feller grabbed the byline the following also contributed to the 1000 word AP story:  Mark Sherman, Matt Apuyo, Julie Hirschfield Davis, Julie Pace, Darlene Superville, Natasha T. Miller, Tom Raum and David Espo.  Including Mr. Feller by my reckoning that makes at least six of the nine writers Jewish.  And Mr. Obama talks about averaging.


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