Jews On The Move


Jews On The Move


R.E. Prindle


     The first thing you have to do to study Jews within the context of History is to cleanse your mind of the notion that Jews are special.  They are not; they move within history and not outside it.  All the forces operating on the goyim operate equally on Jews.  Someone should have disabused David B. Ruderman of the notion before he wrote his book Early Modern Jewry:  A New Cultural History reviewed on the link above by Adam Kirsch on Tablet Ezine.

     Kirsch asks the question ‘…is it possible to generalize about the experience of Jews across the continent, to write not merely “a Jewish history specific to a Polish context or an Italian or Ottoman one but the Jews and their cultural legacy as a whole?”

     In other words Mr. Kirsch want to know did the International Jewish Conspiracy, as it was called of old, exist?  When Mr. Kirsch answers the phrasing of his question in the affirmative he confirms the existence of the old International Jewish Conspiracy.  Yes, Virginia, the Jews always acted in concert according to their capabilities.  This can only be news to the incestuous.

     As an example of this incestuous obtuseness Kirsch goes on to say:

     If Jews were on the move in the early modern period, so were Jewish books.  The Gutenberg era famously produced a cultural revolution in Christian Europe; for Jews too, Ruderman writes, print was responsible for a “knowledge explosion”, which changed the way Jews communicated and thought about their traditions.

     How incestuously obtuse can you get?  The Gutenberg Revolution took place in Europe, not Christian Europe.  Only a Jew would make Christianeurope one word.  As a part of Europe, no matter how separate the Jews considered themselves to be, the Jews participated in the changes wrought by moveable type and the printing press.

     Further, for all their imagined intelligence and brilliance Jews had nothing to do with inventing printing.  Their use was derivative of the intelligence of Christianeurope if they wish to persist in such puerile thinking.

     Good god, when are the Jews going to grow up and abandon  this adolescent Narcissistic infatuation with themselves?



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