A State Of Siege


A State Of Siege


R.E. Prindle



     In the wake of the Moslem Terrorist attack on New York’s Times Square a former NYC Police Commissioner, Michael Sheehan, calls for revving up the Police State.  He wants more surveillance, British style, with cameras on the streets watching your every move.  Have his eye on you while you’re buying your extra copy of  ‘Catcher In The Rye.’

     Don’t think Mr. Sheehan is just worried about the Moslems who committed the attacks up to now either.  No.  Mr. Sheehan is terrified of the ‘lone wolf, home grown terrorists’ lurking out there just below the horizon.  If they’re not there he’ll have to invent them.

     If  ‘international’, not Moslem, but international and lone wolf home grown terrorists are multiplying so exponentially one is tempted to ask, at peril of being identified as a lone wolf home grown domestic terrorist,  what is the government Mr. Sheeham represents doing wrong?  What does this cabal which apparently represents nothing but themselves doing to make the whole world -international and lone wolf home grown domestic terrorists-  hate them so.   Seriously, this is obviously beyond a problem that can be easily remedied like BO.

     Apparently this small cabal that has seized the American government has raised the ire of the whole world.  Perhaps the cabal should ask:  What are we doing wrong?  Why do they want to blow us up?  What is wrong is that they live in a hot house environment where they think they’re right.  Well, the world thinks they’re wrong.

      Hey, fellas, Barry, Harry and Nance, -Mike- they’re building a medieval fortress in Arkansas.  Maybe you might want to fortify yourselves there and wait for the world to come and get you.  Don’t look now but you are under siege.


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