America Abandons Intelligence


America Abandons Intelligence


R.E. Prindle

     There is no question that banks and securities activities must be regulated to prevent  questionable practices.  I know bankers are guilty of actual crimes.  However rather than concentrating on a small part of the problem  to the exclusion of the larger problem is foolhardy and unjust.

     There is no qustion that bankers are not solely responsible for the economic ‘meltdown.’  The government itself is the heart  of the problem.  But, who will regulate the regulators.  Bankers knew better than to loan money to people who had no possible means of repaying the money.  Never before in the history of the country had bankers ever knowingly made loans wholesale that couldn’t be repaid.  And yet the government compelled the lenders to make those loans for what the government construed as altruistic reasons.

     Altruism may or may not be a virtue but when altruism comes up against irrevocable economic laws then a misguided altruism becomes destructive.  As the altruists were warned that their altruism could not succeed in overcoming economic realities at that point the altruism became criminal. 

     As we all know Robin Hood robbed the rich for the altruistic reason of giving the ill gotten gains to the poor who became thereby accomplices and receivers of stolen goods.  The poor were criminalized by the seemingly well intentioned thieves.   The moral fabric of the community was destroyed.

     Is this case the government played the role of Robin Hood and the economic meltdown was the only possible result.  Now the governmental hypocrites are going to solve the problem, they say, by attacking the party they victimized by legal pressure.  The inevitable result will not be a beneficial regulation but the further dismantling of the free economic system in favor of a Communist regime.  NO  Communist regime has ever succeeded so the current crop of Communists know in advance their their ‘altruism’ must fail.  Yet they proceed.  That means we are governed by a criminal regime. viz. Saul Alinsky.

     Obviously some incredible pressure has been placed on what should by the opposition to these misguided plans to make them abandon their opposition.  If this can be done against incumbents then this administration has nothing to fear from any November elections.  Any official Democratic or Republican candidates can be expected to merely continue the current program.  Any independent candidates can be expected to be criminally slandered if they stand the least chance of success and probably even if they don’t.

     So expect nothing in November.  If the electorate can be misled in holding the wrong party responsible for the economic ‘meltdown’ there is no chance that they will elect other than clones of the current representatives.  Who else will be vetted, approved and allowed to run.

     US citizens Liberal or Conservative want to be slaves and slaves they will be.


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