Obama And Community Organizing


Obama And Community Organizing


R.E. Prindle



     Bobby Eberle takes up the cudgels once again in his essay:  With Obama, It’s Always ‘His People’ vs. ‘Those’ People.  Yes it is.  Obama is merely a community organizer following a subversive Saul Alinsky program.  His efforts are intended to benefit his ‘community.’   So, who is his community?  He is an insurgent terrorist leading a minority party to victory somewhat like Fidel Castro in his mountains.  Once you accept that there is no problem understanding his course of action.

     In his TV address linked above calling out his factional voters he talks as though he has saved a decrepit America on a wrong path tottering to ruin.  In one year he has set things right.   Now the reactionary terrorists wish to reverse that.  As incredible as it may seem he says that the 50-100 billion or so ‘loaned’ to GM and Chrysler has been repaid in full.  If so this is a miracle to compare with Jesus walking on the waters of Galilee.  Or that he manufactured the crisis to begin with.  Not only was the hemoraging of the auto makers stanched apparently within hours if not minutes but they have earned more than 100 billion in less than a year.    This money Obama says has been returned to the American taxpayer with interest.

     Not only that he says but the trillion or so loaned to Wall Street has also been returned with interest.  There can therefore be no crisis if there ever was one.  The miraculous recovery has occurred.  He did however fail to show us the treasury receipts.  Not that I think an Alinsky graduate would tell a fib or anything like that but I find it absolutely incredible that the auto makers who were burdened by decades of wrong decisions could manage a managerial and financial turnaround of such magnitude within one year.

     Heck, Chrysler doesn’t even have any dealers left, they closed them all down.  Of course there’s always the internet.  It’s also true that one sees very few GM or Chrysler cars on the road which is still owned by the imports.  I don’t know how Obama is doing it, perhaps some potent African juju, but I would never call him delusional.  To call him delusional would be an act of terrorism in his lexicon and I am no lone wolf terrorist, I can positively assert that and I am not delusional either. 

     As for his amazing next feat of restoring America’s reputation and credibility throughout the world in this same annum mirabilis well, that is in the eye of the beholder.  Nothing is true or false but thinking makes it so in Obama’s relativist universe.  If Obama has himself convinced well, alright, but I remain unconvinced and because I think it, it must be so.

     Get out and vote this November and turn the Commie rascals out.  Saul Alinsky is no role model intelligent people should reverence.


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