Domestic Terrorists vs. Domestic Terrorists


Domestic Terrorists vs. Domestic Terrorists


R.E. Prindle

     A question now arises as to whether the Obamist Cult government of the United States should be classified as domestic terrorists.  Having seized the reins of government by illegal means through their figurehead, the Kenyan Barack Obama,  the Cult seeks to impose its agenda on the majority through the use of terror.

     The Obamists have declared that anyone who opposes their agenda for any reason is ‘a home grown and lone-wolf terrorist.’  Thus anyone who opposes the Cult agenda they now publish would be well advised to stifle themselves before they are rounded up.

     As the recent action in Michiganistan against the so-called anti-American militiamen who are merely exercising their Constitutional rights which the Obamite Cult studiously ignores, there is no longer any necessity to actually commit a criminal act, it is only necessary to disagree with the Obama Domestic Terrorists to be withdrawn from society.

     Perhaps the arrest of these nine- that’s right, a mere 9- honest citizens is merely the opening act of this round up of honest men who oppose the criminal regime of  the Obama Cult which is unanimously backed by the Negro nation according to uncontested surveys.

     As a home grown lone-wolf dissident I have to believe I am on the Obamist Cult’s list of enemies.

     Further the moral cretin Bill Clinton on behalf of the Obama Cult is quoted as drawing a parallel between Timothy McVeigh and ‘lone-wolf terrorists’ like myself.  If there is any way to define lone wolves  who have taken no overt action other than voicing an adverse opinion of the Obamite terrorists as connected to the Oklahoma City affair in any way it remains so obscure that only a delusional lone-nut terrorist like Bill Clinton can see it.

     The Obamite terrorist Eric Foner says that there is an unfinished American revolution that begs for completion.  The Obamites are not the logical agents to complete it.


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