Race War: Dateline Kansas City


Race War:  Dateline Kansas City


R.E. Prindle

     Even though the race war grows apace it seems that not only does the MSM conceal it abut mainstream American continues to ignore it.  The Reverend Manning who said that if you elect Barack Obama the Negroes would trash you was a prophet.  He said further that one thing Negroes are good at is trashing things.

     Now it seems the campaign is shifting into a pattern of trashing those things that give Whites pleasure.  Hence we have the assault on the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City.  The point is to make the use of their pleasure resort unusable to Whites.  Following the pattern established by White Flight to the suburbs in housing the Blacks terrorize Whites if not by beating them  by their actual presence.  Thus Whites avoid frequenting their pleasure dome that then fall into ruin rather than pushing back.

     The Whites will do nothing, abetted by the police, fearing an outright confrontation that will end in the burning of their neighborhoods in a cataclysm much worse than the burning of the Blacks own neighborhoods.  After the last Watts outburst they told you they were coming after Beverly Hills next.  That is say, your neighborhoods.  Thus as Reverend Manning prophesied, White America will be trashed.  You wouldn’t listen to good advice.

     The campaign is openly carried on before the eyes of all on television.  In a recent ad purportedly meant to sell cars but actually to tell Whites their time is up  a despicable caricature of a scrawny White Man with receding chin and a five day growth drives up to the park for a picnic or some festivity.  A Black man pulls up alongside him in the identical car.  This intimates equality.  The Black man is the finest example of Negro.  A black Clark Gable to the White Stepan Fetchit.  The White shows immature outrage (Tea Party) at the arroogant display of equality.  He rushes over to the Black’s car exclaiming,  Hey, you’ve even got the same baby carrier as I have.  The Black contemptously spliffs him off walking into the part unconcernedly.  The White guy grabs his things, apparently leaving wife and family behind, and drives off  in a huff unwilling to endure equality in the park with a Negro.   A parody of White Flight.

     Now, no Black guy wrote that ad, no Black guy produced it.  No Black corporation paid for the ad and no Black channel ran it.  The ad is the product of White Liberals.

     The attitude behind Kansas City and this ad is identical.  It therefore follows that White Liberals are directing this campaign of what Eric Foner calls the Unfinished American Revolution.  If you don’t know, the Second Civil War is on.

     Find the White masterminds and the Unfinished Revolution will either collapse or become uncoordinated.  The same people behind KC and the ad put Barack Obama of Kenya into the White House, thumbing their noses at  Whites all the way.  Therefore they are the place to begin.  If you’re afraid of being called a racist there is no racism involved in dealing with the White perpetrators.  Ostracize them, marginalize them, make their life as unpleasant as they are making yours.  More importantly, turn them out of all offices.


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