A Tale Of Two Nations


A Tale Of Two Nations


R.E. Prindle


     Eric Foner calls the Civil War America’s Unfinished Revolution and I suppose that’s true.  The Liberals were unable to exterminate the Sons of Dixie in the wake of their military victory over their bodies but not their souls.  The South reasserted their rights as human beings with the generous help of socially conscious Northern Whites.  Thus rather than the Birth Of A Nation as Thomas Dixon Jr. would have it, two nations came into existence.

     Now, Dixie has been purged of the onerous burden of slavery with the Blacks having been transferred out of Dixie to the Liberals of that nation where they psychologically belong.  The slave owners have been purged from Dixie purifying us while the millions who fled the slave owning South to the North and West along with conscious Northerners are able to reorganize as the free men and women they have always wished to be.

     Th Liberals have placed their Negro over them in the White House in celebration one supposes of the imposition of Negroes on Southerners during Reconstruction.

     The Dufus in DC is busily expanding the Liberal Wars.  Unable to conduct successful wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Israeli wing of the liberals now state boldly that they are going to open another front in Iran unilaterally.  On top of that the DC Dufus has opened another front here in Michiganistan because the Liberals say some member of a Michigan Militia threatened to kill some cops.  The Dufus called out armored vehicles and the Guard to destroy one man with no record of violence.

The Dufus's response to the imagined threat of one man.

The Dufus's response to the imagined threat of one man.

     Down along the border in Texas, the Drug Lords who have murdered Mexican police, civilians and politicians in the tens of thousands, actually having done what the Lone Ranger in Michiganistan is alleged to advocate, while now announcing an assassination campaign against police, civilians and politicans in the the US the DC Dufus remains passive.  No immediate response.  The are not headed to El Paso to ward off a real murder campaign against the Majesty Of The Law. Thus a fifth front emerges. As the Dufus is incapable of handling two fronts what chance do we have with the Dufus facing a five front war.

     Why won’t the Dufus and his Liberals respond to the Drug Lord threat?  Will we Dixiecrats have to take matters in own own hands to save ourselves and  from the depredations of the  of the Liberal dufuses?  Perhaps it’s time to put a period to the unfinished revolution and end it.  Dixie now has a mojority position throughout the land.  Liberals and their Negro allies are a small minority who have hijacked the government.  A mere Communist cabal.

     It is time the Dixiecrats realized their power, eliminated the Republicans who are merely crypto-Liberals and take the reins of government back restoring reason to one nation.

     The tale of two nations is ended.  The time for the birth of a nation is at hand. 

Rally Round The Flag, Boys, Rally Once Again.

No slavery to hold us back this time.


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