Thinking About Whiteness And Doing Anti-Racism


Thinking About Whiteness And Doing Anti-Racism


R.E. Prindle


     Well, there’s as contradiction in terms but illogic doesn’t seem to bother Liberals.  Is the title an admonition for ‘coloreds’ to think about Whiteness and abandon racism?  Or is it about Whites considering their place in society and abandoning the concept of race?

     Can Whites think about Whiteness, whatever that means, without identifyhing all others by race?  Surely one can’t concentrate on being White without holding others as non-White and therefore inferior.  What does White mean in this Liberal context if not superior?  This must be a perfect example of racism, mustn’t it?

     And once one has identified the other as non-White, what is one to do?  How does one trust the ‘other’ as a full human being without denying oneself?  Isn’t this carrying ‘humility’ a bit far?  Once one has placed the other above oneself, which this attitude requires, doesn’t one become the ‘other’s’ slave?  I think one do.

     And if the other condescend to one shouldn’t one jump so high one almost touches the sky and do a little Bojangle dance to amuse the ‘other?’  You know, ‘jump down, turn around, pick a bale of cotton; jump down, turn around, pick a bale a day?’

     If Liberals can debase themselves before the ‘other’, anti-Racism they call it, then by all means do so.  I’ll laugh at them along with the ‘other.’  I’ll even throw them a nickel.  ‘Hyars a nickel boy, now jump again.’

     Let Liberals do as they please but, please, no proselitizing other Whites.  Do your own penance.  Some of us have a little pride and self-respect.


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