Race War: Dateline Washington D.C.


Race War:  Dateline Washington D.C.


R.E. Prindle

Dateline Michiganistan: A law enforcement official walks out of an armored vehicle in Hillsdale County, Michiganistan during a search for a fugitive who is part of a Christian military group. Photo: Madalyn Ruggiero, caption AP

Story Mira J. Warikoo.  Source:  The Oregonian (Portland, Oregon) 3/31/10

     Racism is in the eye of the beholder.  Liberals see racism one way others see it another.  Thus Liberals, Blacks, Jews see any form of self-assertion by the prohibited White male as racism while they complacently excuse their own racist tactics in the race war now raging in the US.  Liberals raise their hands in horror at the thought of the opposition gunning down police officers.

     Liberal memories are of the shortest.  In the late sixties whole cities were burned down by Blacks with not only not a murmur of criticism by Liberals but loud cries of approbation.  Detroit is still a burned out hulk with less than half the population it had in the sixties while the rest is all Black.  One might say the Liberal racists won that battle even though they’ve lost the Detroit War.  Christ, just take a look at the place.

     In the Bay Area of California the Black Panthers formed in the late sixties.  They and their White and Jewish allies labeled the police Pigs with the slogan- Off the Pigs.  In fact Huey Newton, Eldridge Cleaver and their associates murdered police officers, fighting pitched battles with them.  Mass killing of  Whites by Blacks began with the Zebra Offensive in SF.

     Did the Liberals complain about Black ‘militias’  or killing the ”Pigs’ back then?  No.  They applauded it.  Said the police had it coming.   Liberals trashed UCalifornia-Berkeley in the mid-sixties, threatening and injuring innocent people.  Was there a horror of violence then?  No.  Was it called necessary violence then?  You bet.  Liberal crimes are always justified.

     Today Black gangs course the streets of our cities beating and crippling Whites as they assault them from behind.

     The actions of the Christian militia group raided in Michigan are part of a growing trend of militant activity across the U.S. because of the weak economy and an African president, experts and a civil rights group say.

     The self-confessed bigot of the Jewish organization- Southern Poverty Law Center- Hinky Beirich says:

       The poor economy and demographic changes in the country’s racial and ethnic composition- are symbolized by an African in the White House and a female House speaker, Nancy Pelosi.  Both are Democrats and seen by some as pushing for bigger government that will diminish their freedom.

     Is the race of Obama the issue?  Is the sex of Nancy Pelosi the issue?  Is the issue the issue?  Or is the issue that their policies are directed against the  White male, personally and in toto,  to disenfranchise him  of his rights?

     The anti-hate laws that both politicians favor create ‘protected classes’ of citizens of which both Obama and Pelosi are members, that have superior rights over the ‘unprotected’  White male.  I see no note of that in Hinky’s criticism of anti-government movements.

     The policies of the African, Obama, and the female, Pelosi, have been directed against the livelihoods of the White male.  Seven of ten of all lost jobs have been those of  White Males while Pelosi’s women are unaffected and have even gained.  Is that no cause for concern regardless of the race of Obama or the sex of Pelosi?

     The Black male was marginalized by government policies in the sixties;  now the White male is being castrated by government policies.   Where is the crime in resisting such violence against White mens manhood?  It would be a crime not to resistwhether Black or White.

     As no real measures were taken against the Black ‘activists’  from 1954 to the present while Obama is rolling out the guard with dozens of men and armored vehicles against one lone individual while he lets Black street marauders operate freely isn’t he actually leading the race war from the White House in Washington D.C.?  I rather think so.  Oh, I forgot to mention this particular Michigan Milita had 363 friends on Facebook.  Wow, that’s scary.  If the Communist Party was too small to constitute a threat what do we have to fear from this guy and his 363 friends on Facebook?

     Of course, I deplore any unnecessary violence but as Hoagly Starmicheal or someone like that said, perhaps echoing Chairman Mao:  All power comes from the barrel of a gun.  Horrible to comtemplate although we have seen it on our streets from the sixties to the present, god, who can forget the Chicago Democratic Convention of ’68?  Hard to contemplate here on the soil of America where American magic makes all religions and races co-exist peaceably but as Bob Dylan once said, possibly still says it,  Congressmen and Senators, the times they are a-changin’.



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