China: A New Promised Land


China: A New Promised Land


R.E. Prindle

     Now that the US and Europe have been trashed one senses a change of focus in Jewish sensibilities.  It is time for the new exodus to China.  Among a number of articles expressing a new interest in China is one titled:  Forgetting About The Rest Of The World.  A prophetic title.

     The article is an interview between the (Jewish) Forward and the leading Israeli novelist, David Grossman.

     When asked if this was his first trip to China Grossman replied:

     Yes, and I’m really glad to be here.  I think you cannot really be a person of this time, this period in the life of the world, without being in China.

     That’s being in China  not having seen China.

     When asked what his impressions of China were, Grossman replied:

     I’ll tell you something funny:  Whenever I go abroad to America or England or Europe, I always know that my reality at home is still there.  I know that other realities continue to exist simultaneously.  But when I am here the totality of the China experience is so strong and so overwhelming; it seems as if nothing else exists.  Everything else seems quite pale, quite fading… 

     Mr. Grossman almost forgets he’s Jewish.  Is he worried about artistic censorship, freedom of speech?

     I think somethimes there is a kind of optical mistake, and people outside of Israel believe that most Israeli writers and artists are political.  It is absolutely not the case.  Very few of us are voicing our opinions and criticizing openly.  When it come to writers, it’s very few…there are wonderful writers who say, “I don’t want to pay the heavy price that it takes to be involved politically, and to be banned by large groups of people within Israel who will never read my books because they think I am too leftist. 

     So now after two centuries of being stout believers in freedom of speech Jews are suddenly quite comfortable with censorship both within and without Israel.  Suddenly censors have moved to the right and those who desire freedom have moved to the left.  After having been considered of the far right I am now apprently of the far left.

     What about China’s human rights record?

     Oh, that’s nothing says Grossman:

          I know Isreaelis feel gratitude toward what China did for Jewish refugees during the Second World War, when China received so many thousands of refugees from the Nazis without asking for a visa.  And this is something you do not forget, when you talk about a time when most of humanity turned its back on you.

     Of course those refugees had to enter the socialist homeland of the USSR and cross eight thousand more miles of USSR before reaching the safe haven of China then engaged in a ferocious war with the Japanese and then continuing on another eight thousand miles to America, that Nazi hellhole but, at the time, better than nothing. or, apparently hospitable China.   But China does have a long history of hospitality to the Jews.  enough so that they can now forget about the rest of the world.

     One wonders if the Jews have a large enough population to invade China without spreading themselves too thin.  In their effort  to embrace the world will they be able to transfer enough people to China without leaving them weakened and exposed in America and Europe not to mention the Middle East.  Will they be able to persuade the Chinese to prop up their indigent State as the US has?

     We’ll know soon enough.  China had better prepare to receive an influx of Jews.  Will a million or two Jews be able to manage huge China?

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