The Lady With The Matzoh Cookie


The Lady With The Matzoh Cookie


R.E. Prindle



The Beckoning

   In reading Jewish literature one is always astounded by the dissociation from reality, by the peculiar necessity to distort the facts to fit a preconceived notion of omniscience.  The idea that they and they alone see clearly and justly.  Everyone else is a fool.

     In this Tablet Ezine essay by Esther Schor concerning the Jewish exodus to America Mrs. Schor praises a very mediocre poet and not very bright woman named Emma Lazarus.  Miss Lazarus wrote the verse emblazoned on the base of the Statue Of Liberty- Give me your tired, your poor etc.  Mrs. Schor seems to feel that America was founded by the Jews instead of Anglo-Saxons.

The statue lay in pieces in a warehouse in Paris; it would be three more years before it was transported to and assembled in New York.  And America itself was under construction.  Nativism was a more likely path than inclusiveness.  My italics.

     Does Mrs. Schor have any idea how and why Jews, Italians, Irish and all other peoples were allowed to immigrate?  Does this professor of English at an Ivy League College have any idea what American ideas of  ‘inclusiveness’ inspired the lines of her fellow Semite?  Wasn’t Miss Lazarus merely putting the policy of the US into metered lines?

     Liberty’s torch was the pillar of fire that led the Israelites (she means Jews) by night to America, a Promised Land.

     Was America really a Promised Land?  And if so, by whom?  Certainly not any sacred Jewish writings.  Certainly the Anglo-Sacons were not inviting the Jews to replace them.  Does Mrs. Schor not believe that this Liberty was created by the Anglo-Saxon inhabitants long before the Jews saw their opportunity in yet another Promised Land?

     Of course by 1924, the  ‘Golden Door’ had closed.  The seas no longer parted for [Jews]- including millions [of Jews] who might have eluded Hitler- and America had turned its back on the promise.

     America made no promises.  There isn’t and never was an American Dream except in the mind of Jews.  Except in their projected fantasies.  Did and do the Jews believe there is no limit to the number of people a land can hold?  When the opportunity is there it is there; when it’s gone, it’s gone.  Any reasonable people can understand that.

     And how reasonable were and are the Jews?  Yes, it’s true that Americans began to complain against this in their own minds ‘perfect’ people.  Yes, it’s true they closed the door, or tried to, so that more Jews woudn’t enter.  Why did they feel the need to do this?  Because they were evil narrow minded bigots?  Because they were unreasonably discriminating against a tribal god’s ‘chosen’ people?  Or did Jewish behavior alert the people to the danger of more Jews?

     The Jews were accused then of having a criminal mentality which the Jews vigorously denied casting opprobrium on their accusers as anti-Semites rather than refuting the charges, if they could.   Well, why wouldn’t they be accused?  Current Jewish criminality has resulted in Bernie Madoffs 50 billion dollar theft, Gangs of Rabbis defrauding the US  government of additional billions, Rabbis, Jewish holy men no less, the Jewish owned and operated Federal Reserve stealing trillions, not to mention the machinations of Wall street thieves to the tune of a trillion or two…or three…or more.

      Were those crazed anti-Semites wrong about the Jews?  Only if you don’t look at the facts.  Only if you dissociate yourself from reality.  No, the great fault of American policy was that it was inclusive.  The fault of the Jews was that they couldn’t leave those wicked old habits in the old country.  It wasn’t like the old countries were sorry to see them go.  No.  They showed them the door.  Those are facts.

     When we expand our seder [Easter service] to include “The New Colossus”  [presumably a promised land like the US] we modernize and universalize, but, as we do, weigh all that has changed for us as ethical Jews…and what hasn’t.

     Nobody asked the Jews to modernize or universalize us, presumptuous on their part.  As for ethical?   Well….


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