The Revolt Of The Matriarchy


The Revolt Of The Matriarchy


R.E. Prindle

     One has to question the motives of the so-called Feminist Movement.  Is it really equality the Movement seeks or is it something more?  Certainly the latter.

     The root of today’s Feminist Movement can be traced back to the overthrow of the Matriarchy by the Patriarchy from c -1700 to -1100.  Gradually the Patriarchy established men as the dominant sex rather than women.  Since then women have been working toward a restoration of the Matriarchy.  For a clear depiction of the early stages of the sexual struggle for dominance an excellent study is Robert Graves’  The Golden Fleece.  Graves provides a  profound understanding of the Greek myth as an historical account.

     So really what the Feminist Movement wants is to establish female dominance over the male- a very conservative and retrogressive approach to society that denies the science of biology.

     Thus the passing of laws that emasculate men in favor of women are leading to a predictable result.  One that has been tried and failed.  One that like all early forms of societal organization  such as communism are based on unreason and must of necessity fail whenever they are attempted.

     If one views the current sexual conflict from this point of view what seems strange and inrrational begins to make sense.  The goal is not female equality but the restoration of the Matriarchy.

     Over the past century women have had every opportunity to demonstrate their equality or superiority and they haven’t done it.  With all the legislation in place giving women not only equality but all the tremendous advantages that one could ask for the level of societal achievement has declined.  Women have simply not performed nor will any legislation enable them to perform.  It is a myth that women are more capable than men in any form.  They are conservative by biological nature, there is no hope for innovation from them.   Events since nineteen-twenty have shown they have no more virtue than men, perhaps less.

     It’s time to just say no to inequitable laws passed for the benefit of any special interest group whether they be Negro, Semitic, homosexual or female.  Let’s regain our balance, put our minds to work again.  We’ve had enough ‘heart.’


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