Party Politics Vs. Racial Politics


Party Politics Vs. Racial Politics


R. E. Prindle

     The change we can believe in that Obama promised is apparently the shift from party politics concerning national issues to racial politics concerning racial issues.

     Thus there is something happening here that we Joneses can understand.  The political problem now is not what’s good for the country or everyone but what’s good for particular races i.e. Blacks, Jews, Mexicans, Moslems or whatever.

     The political system set up as a nominal democracy thus plays into the hands of special interests.  Any legislation framed is therefor going to be framed in such a way that it benefits only one or more races.  Thus the so-called Health bill is designed to benefit Obama’s Blacks.  They will be the prime beneficiaries along with the Hispanics while everyone else will be losers.

     As races pack congressional districts they will elect their own to represent their specific interests thus Congress will be composed of a number of racial caucuses paralyzing the national government.

     So long as Whites refuse a racial identity they will serve as swing votes as they did in the last presidential election to make the approval of legislation possible.  Whites must assume the identity of Whites and vote as a bloc soley for their own interests.  This is probably an impossibility so that the fate of Whites is now in the hands of their professed enemies who have published a program to exterminate them for all to see.

     In any event the America we thought existed disappeared with the speed of the World Trade Center towers.  Bush made every move he could so that any chance to salvage that America was lost for good.  Forget it.  That America will not return.  If you want a model to understand future developments look to the both the French and Russian Revolutions but more expecially the French.  Check out the movie, Danton.  Study the lead up to the rise of the Jacobins and more especially for Whites the situation in the Vendee.  You may be sure your enemies are well boned up on both Revolutions.

     Forget party politics, both Democrats and Republicans no longer have validity as labels.  Racial politics has changed all that.  Believe it.


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