A Semitic Complaint


A Semitic Complaint


R.E. Prindle

Statue with Matzoh Cracker

     The upcoming US Census form allows no way for the Semites to distinguish themselves from Whites.  As the form is written Semites must list themselves as White, African, Asian or whatever but their is no category for Semites.  Of course they are Asians but that term has a slightly different coloration.

     The complaint comes from the Arabs who insist they are not White.  This is not surprising because the Semitic race or species has always held itself aloof from all other species or races.  This whether Jewish Semites or Arab Semites.  Semites take their species more seriously than does the Liberal West.

     This historically and biologically soundly based view of the Semites is rejected by the Liberal sept of the Whites who insist that homo sapiens are all one- that is identical genetically.  All other species or races reject this idea holding themselves as different or distinct.

     And now the Semites- both Jews and Arabs- wish to dissociate themselves from Whites.  Not too many decades distant they would have fought manfully to insist that they were White.

     What change is this that we ought to believe in?  Quite simply Whites have been marked for destruction- elimination.  The Semites are merely stepping away from the victim so as not to be included in the genocide.

     Listen, the wind is rising.  Pay attention to the signs.  The answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind.  The times they are a-changin’.


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