Is America A Racist Territory?


Is America A Racist Territory?


R.E. Prindle

     In answer to my title:  Yes It Is.  One only has to look at voting blocs.  Negroes vote nearly 100%  for their candidates and interests.  Same with Jews and Hispanics.  White Liberals vote as one bloc for their pet agenda.  Only the remainder of the Whites who have accepted the American fantasy of the Melting Pot waver and then usually end on the side of the racist agenda.

     Typically of invaders the racist groups name their opposites as racists to cast the opprobrium of racism from themselves to them and keep them quarreling among themselves.

     The technique is simple and timeworn.  Let us revisit an ancient Greek myth, or metaphor, really.

     Somewhen about 1500 BC or so the Semitic king Agenor of the Levant had three sons which he outfitted and sent West to Europe to conquer it.  We will concern ourselves with only one, Cadmus, who was sent to Grecian Thebes.

     When Cadmus and his Semites landed they were too few to attempt an outright military conquest.  This was no Omaha beach.  What to do?  Use artifice.  As the legend goes Cadmus threw some stones over his shoulder and they sprang up as armed men who proceeded to slaughter each other.  What does this mean?

     It means quite simply that while the indigenous peoples were united they could easily have expelled Cadmus and his Semites, divided and exhausted by internecine warfare they could then easily be managed by the Semites.  Review the Protocols Of Zion and The Testament Of Dr. Mabuse for more modern examples.

     What was the sequel?  Fortunately that too has been preserved for us in the  succeeding legend of Harmonia.  As his reward, one assumes, for quelling the discord he created the Semite Cadmus  married the queen of indigenes.  The Semites are kings, the indigenes are queens.  In other words, the Semites excercize the male prerogative while the indigenes assume the subordinate role.  They’re the ones who get screwed.

     Not so difficult is it?  Now, compare the Theban situation to that of the United States and Europe today.

     Is the West a racist global territory?  You can’t possibly lose by betting on it.  On the other hand show me a global territory that isn’t racist and I’ll say a prayer for it.


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