An Alternative Health Care Plan


An Alternative Health Care Plan


R.E. Prindle

     Liberals are capable of thinking only in terms of consumption or spending, they are incapable of thinking in terms of wealth creation.  The whole idea of earning is anathema to them.  Thus the Great Black Hope’s health plan can only be realized by borrowing, spending money the country doesn’t have and never will have under the current Liberal attitude.

     There is another way.  Currently China, India and others have a wage differential in their favor over the West.  Of course, it is true that over the last hundred years the West seeking ‘cheap labor’ has encouraged this approach but, now, as was inevitable the system has boomeranged on the West.

     No matter and nevertheless as our beloved African President has promised us that he is capable of delivering ‘change we can believe in.’  So now, after having taught those ‘beyond the law’ to live within the law it is time change the rules of the game to something we all can believe in; it is time for the East to meet the West.

     Thus, I propose not a tariff but a wage equalization tax that would benefit the underpaid masses of the East as well as the now unemployed masses of the West.  See, I’m putting this argument into Communist terms to make it palatable to the distaff side. 

     Under my plan if China could not be persuaded to raise the minimum wage from a quarter an hour to, say, four dollars an hour then the US and  Europe should assess a wage equalization tariff on all imported goods.  Not only would this raise an enormous amount of cash to affset the trillions of dollars of deficit but it would make domestic manufacture competitive bringing vast amounts of manufactures back to the US and Europe.  This in turn would put tens of  millions of people back to work without injuring China which still has untold millions left to develop their own internal economy.  As employees Westerners would earn their health care insurance relieving the treasury of the expense.

     Thus, with full employment, universal health care would reign, not at the public expense but from generated wealth.  Certainly the small sacrifice of generating wealth would not be too much for the Liberals to bear?

Say, how about it Hope?  Is that a plan?


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