Hard Times In DC Town


Hard Times In DC Town


R.E. Prindle

        A cold chill wind must have wafted through the Halls Of Congress the morning after the Republican win in Massachusetts.  One of the safest Democratic seats in Congress  had been lost to the Domestic Terrorists.  A chastened if not contrite Great Black Hope announced to the eager nation that he didn’t need a Weatherman to know which way the wind was blowing as he trimmed his sails to meet the blast.

     Certainly hundreds of Democratic Congressmen must have wiped a cold sweat from their brows as they realized that without some very active damage control they wouldn’t be returning to the hallowed halls next January.

     In order to avert a complete bloodbath this November they are going to have to do some dissimulation and make a show to honor what the DTs are requesting.  If in order to placate their constituents they feel compelled to vote against the cherished designs of  Commander In Chief that could derail the entire program of the Reds.  What concessions to reality they will make remains to be seen but whatever they may be will be deceptive and temporary.  Depending on how well they can cut their losses in November the whole game may be lost.

     One imagines that in a normal course of events they would lose many seats making it more difficult to bully the American people into a Communist regime but at this point having eliminated all but the hard core it seems likely that a Republican majority will be returned reminscent of the Clinton dilemma.

     Of course Republicans have learned nothing by a defeat caused by as much obtuseness as the exhibited by the Hope so god only knows what the result of a Republican victory would be.  I see no evidence of a plan on their part or little understanding of pressing global problems.  The best we could hope for is a lessening of the pressure to turn our kindergartners into faggots on the part of the Pederast Party.


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