What If Haiti Can’t Be Saved?


What If Haiti Can’t Be Saved?


R.E. Prindle



     Comes now one Reihan Salam to pose the question of what if the Haitian habitat isn’t salvageable?  Mr. Salam whose name sounds vaguely Moslem is in a ‘protected’ group, if so I will have to move him a to couple unprotected groups so I can discuss his ideas as they deserve and not ‘offend’ his delicate sensibilities as one of the protected.  As he has embraced Liberal idiocy he can be approached as a Liberal hence unprotected.  His solution to what he construes as a Haitian problem can be classed as terrorism so we may view Salam as a Liberal terrorist leaving him completely unprotected.    Oh well, sometimes even the President of the United States must stand naked.

     Salam poses the question:  what if Haiti can’t be saved?  His answer is:  perhaps the best thing we can do is give Haitians an opportunity to build a better life elsewhere.  Where?  The US and Europe he says.

     The very Liberal Salam notes:  Many have already said that America’s callow indifference to Haiti’s slow motion collapse over this long and painful period is a national embarrassment.

     Why only America?  Salam seems hopelessly medieval in his approach now that we live in a global village.  One might ask what was the fabulously rich Saudi Arabia doing while watching this slow collapse?  Or the richest country in the world, China?  Or oil rich Mexico? Or, heaven forbid, any of the African countries from which the Haitians emigrated?

     Lord knows that over the last four hundred years America has been doing its best to aid Africa.  African immigration has existed almost from the founding of the first colonies and continues today.  And today Africans in the US are the most properous, best cared for Africans on the planet.  They have even been given Detroit and other places to turn into replicas of their homelands to make them more comfortable.  America has already rolled up its sleeves and done its fair share and more.  Isn’t it time now for the oil rich countries of the Middle East to do their part?  China has sent millions of emigrants around the world recently so they should have freed up some space.  Hundreds of thousands Chinese have emigrated to Africa in the last couple decades so they obviously have no racial prejudice.  Also as the largest country on earth they could easily absorb all Haiti.

     The Arabs themselves have so little race animus that for over a millennium they have invaded Africa and forcibly removed Africans to live among themselves so why not a couple million more?

     After all as Salam points out: …that doesn’t mean that Haitians can’t save themselves, provided we start breaking down the walls that have kept them in. 

     I agree and I suggest we send the loony Liberal terrorist Salam as an envoy to Saudi Arabia, China, Korea, Japan or other points on this all embracing globe of ours to open their gates, demolish their walls, and allow these Haitians in.   Or, gosh, perhaps Africans themselves might welcome their brothers back to Africa.  What a great homecoming that would make.

      Go, Salam, please go.


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