The Triumph Of The Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere?


The Triumph Of The

Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere?


R.E. Prindle


     The main issue in Leslie H. Gelb’s article linked above is recognizing the changes ‘globalism’ has wrought, incorporating them into our thinking acting intelligently thereon.

     Mr. Gelb’s closing line is:

     The key power variables will not be the resolve or committment of the man or woman in the White House, but whether the American economy rises again and whether China’s slows down.

      In that case the future is known.  There is no possible way for the non-economy of the US to rise.  The fact is, and this should be inescapable to any who run, is that the US has no manufacturing.  Without manufacturing there can be no economy.  The Global Money Trust has transferred that to China where slave labor makes competition impossible without compensating wage tariffs.  To re-establish the American economy isn’t even under consideration.

      Interest rates in the US have been kept near zero for the benefit of the Global Money Trust as we were led to believe this alone would stimulate the economy.  A decade later unemployment has skyrocketed while all the low interest rates do is punish retirees, the savers, the wise or, at least, once wise.

      There is no reason for China’s economy to falter.

     As for the character of the man in the White Houose look at what has happened over the soon to be last twenty years.  Twenty years of treason at the hands of the GMT.  Eight years of Clinton, eight more of Bush and four of Obama will have reduced the United States from splendor to squalor.

     The three presidents have been mere employees of the GMT.  The last, Obama, has been reduced to a mere talking head, a shirt front.  He has been traveling constantly since elected so that he can’t possibly be directing the government. 
So who is?  The Global Money Trust.

     What reason do we have to believe that the next and the next presidents won’t also be employees of the GMT?  We can be assured that they will be.  If anyone of ‘character’ should decide to run we may equally be assured that he will not be elected.

     So articles like Mr. Gelb’s, though well written, are meaningless gabble.  The suppositions on which he bases his arguments are false.  The conditions he hypothesizes do not exist.

     While it is true that the above ground political situation may b e as he hypothesizes, the underground GMT will continue to direct affairs to its liking.  The future then must be a replica of the past twenty years.  Power will continue to accrue to China; Europe and America will continue to become impoverished.

     It is not clear to me what the end result, China as No. 1 power, the rest of the world subservient or, as in the case of Africa, annexed means unless China  itself is pulling the strings with the GMt leading to its triumph by bloodless conquest.

     At any rate it is time to cease acting on old political attitudes and addressing the new political realities on their own terms.  Or,  perhaps that is exactly what the GMT is doing while playing charades above ground.

     Perhaps this is the realziation of the Japanese dream of the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere a hundred years on.  It’s not that those canny Orientals are inscrutable it is that the West lives with its head in the sand refusing to accept realities.


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