Global Warming: Then And Now


Global Warming:

Then And Now


R.E. Prindle

     The uproar over global warming once again displays the native folly of the Liberal mind.

     Is there global warming?  Of course there is.  It began 17,000 years ago when the Last Glacial Maximum ended.

     At the time of the LGM there were massive ice caps over North America,  Europe and the Himalayas as well as all elevated mountain ranges.

     Then the climate changed from extremely cold to warming.  Massive floods from the melting ice caps raised the sea levels by perhaps five hundred feet to their current levels.  Continent sized areas disappeared beneath the waters.

     Was the meltdown caused by human agency?  Don’t be silly.  You’d have to be a Liberal to believe that.

     Over the last 17,000 the climate has fluctuated wildly often going through little ice ages.

     How warm will the earth get?  Ask your stupid gods.

     Will committees affect the weather?  You’d have to be dumb as a Liberal to think so.



One comment on “Global Warming: Then And Now

  1. honestly, it’s only bad for us and our children. we are not ruining the earth, it will survive long after we are gone. it has survived such trends before we are just speeding it up a 0.1 degree at a time.
    I’ve seen many of the retreating glaciers before and believe the effects…but many of the images you selected suck. one is not the same angle and others are just to vague. Better ones are out there!

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