Race War: Dateline Boise


Race War:   Dateline Boise


R.E. Prindle



     Boise State is back in the news.  Earlier this fall Boise State made the news when during an Oregon-Boise State football game a losing Black Oregon player crossed the line to blindside a BSU player decking him.  Then the Oregon player named Blount tried to go after fans in the stands.  Originally suspended by Oregon he was back on the field within a couple weeks.  No consequences, big deal.

     Now (Dec. 11, 2009) fliers are being circulated on World AIDS Day that wisely advise students to not have sex with homosexuals and needle users.  Acknowledging the fact that Blacks are more likely by far to be infected with numerous venereal diseases, the flier also cautions against inter-racial sex throwing in the line:  Once U go black we don’t want U back.

     As the Hope proclaimed during his campaign:  This is change that WE can believe in.  But not Jalara Walker,one of the less than 400 Blacks out of 19,000+ students, who says:  I really thought that stuff like this was over.  Hmm, tell that to Blount.

     Mention it to the National Black Foot Soldiers who shot four Whites to death in a coffee shop in Seattle.  Send a note to Denver deploring Blacks who have seriously injured Whites in unprovoked attacks.  Or in Baltimore where maurauding  Blacks jump Whites from behind beating them to the ground.

     Were Jalara Walker’s feeling hurt?   Well, try dealing with a shattered eye socket, Jalara, try removing a bullet from your heart.  You’re thinking of leaving BSU?  Do.  Then hopefully BSU will get rid of its Liberals on the faculty and quietly make the school all White; get some real education going.

     That’s what I would call the change Obama promised US.  That would be a move in the right direction.  If you’re Black go to the top multi-cultural schools in the country like Harvard, Yale or Princeton.  Blacks don’t need Boise State.


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