Race War: Dateline Seattle


Race War:  Dateline Seattle






R.E. Prindle

     The terrorist killing of the four cops actually happened a few miles from Seattle down I-5 near Tacoma.  I sensed the killings were part of the African race war against Whites but I waited for a fuller reporting before commenting.

     In this case Africans have slipped from the shadows to identify themselves as a terrorist group called the National Black Foot Soldiers.  They have develped a psychology in which Whites and the police are the terrorists and they are the victims thus legitimizing their crimes as lawful resistance in their own minds.  Thus as ‘justified sinners’ in the religious sense they need feel no guilt.

     Seattle Black Foot Soldiers say the four people slain in a daring demonstration at the Steele Forza Coffee House in Parkland were racist terrorists who caused black citizens to live in fear.

     The psychology has now been set in cement.  There is little to discuss.  Either Whites will submit to beatings and killings or they will accept the distasteful but necessary task of disciplining the Africans by counter-terror.  There is no escaping this fact that a race war is in progress.  There is only victory or defeat.

     There is no question but that the America that we believe existed for the last century has come to an end.  This fact must be accepted.  The much vaunted American ability to have created a space where all peoples, races and religions could exist in harmony has been proven the fallacy that realistic people always knew it was.

     As unpleasant as it may be we must harden our wills and hearts to the new reality that must be dealt with in a realistic way.

     This will be difficult but it must be done.  First the ‘hate’ laws enfranchising the so-called minorities must be repealed.  All the housing laws and bussing must be ended as well as integrated schools.

     All that crap about one people has proven to be a willful dream.

     When whites pay reparations there will be no more black on white crime.

     This is nonsense.  Black on White crime will never end.  First Whites must voluntarily become slaves to the blacks in reparation for Blacks to abuse.  With slavery legal what might have been crimes will be legitimized and then Black on White crime will end because it will be legal and no longer a crime.   Remember slavery was once lawful in America, it can be again.

      Any reparations due were paid many times over long ago.  Whatever Blacks had coming they’ve gotten.   Today the money is gone. The Chicago Clownboy the Africans sent to Washington gave it the Jews of Goldman Sachs just this year.  If Blacks want reparations form a million man march on Goldman Sachs.  As the Pres. of  Goldman Sachs, Willie Sutton, said: We’ve looted the banks and the US Treasury, we’ve got the printing plates and we’re where the money is.  Try and get it back!

     Don’t bother we Whites, petition Goldman Sachs.



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